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FCMB '08 is a Dutch football club, managed by meesb, founded 09-01-08, in season 23. The team plays in the Dutch sixth division VI.249.

Competition In the first season of excistence they promoted to the eight division, VIII.13, where they stayed for four seasons. In the fourth season they relegated, but the season after that they immediately became champions of IX.1239. Then they became fourth in VIII.537, the season after that second, and the season after that they became the champions. After that they became sixth in VII.800. The season after that they became the champions of VII.800, and were promoted to VI.249, in wich they still play.

Cup (KNVB Beker) FCMB '08 first qualified for the cup in their third season, season 25. For the three seasons they played in VIII.537 they played in the cup, each time they did not passed the first round. FCMB '08 did not qualified until season 30, when they reached the second round. In season 38, FCMB reached round 4.

Youth The youth squad of FCMB '08 is called FCMB Tijdmachine, witch is Dutch for FCMB Timetraveler.