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Belgium FC Blatte (190834)
managed by Blatte
Full Name FC Blatte
Nickname Blatte
Founded 2009-11-04
Location Hainaut, Belgium
Arena Ovide Boudin Stadium
Coach Albino Gutiérrez Ht star.png
League V.220
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Division VI.PNG

Season 34

Division VII.PNG

Season 31

Division VIII.PNG

Season 29


FC Blatte is a hattrick club founded by Blatte. This historical moment happened on November 04, 2009. Team is located in Hainaut, Belgium. Future stars are coming from the FC Blatte, youth club Young Blatte FC.

Fan Club

Team's fan club is called KakkerlakkenKliek.

Prize shelf

Division VI.PNG VI.132 (saison 34) Division VII.PNG VII.327 (saison 31) Division VIII.PNG VIII.611 (saison 29)


Season League Belgian Cup
season 27 6th in VIII.611 -
season 28 3rd in VIII.611 1st Round
season 29 1st in VIII.611 2nd Round
season 30 3rd in VII.327 2nd Round
season 31 1st in VII.327 2nd Round
season 32 7th in VI.49 2nd Round
season 33 2nd in VII.520 2nd Round
season 34 1st in VI.132 3rd Round
season 35 5th in V.220 3rd Round
season 36 5th in V.220 5th Round
season 37 2nd in V.220 5th Round
season 38 2nd in V.220 5th Round
season 39 ? in V.220 ? Round

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