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FC Gia Dinh Stars (614143)
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Managed by paulzheng
Club information
Full nameFC Gia Dinh Stars
Location Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh Việt Nam
Founded7 June 2007
CoachSwitzerland Cesare Schaffer
StadiumPaul Augustine 
Last update: 04-04-2013

FC Gia Dinh Stars is a Vietnamese club in Hattrick based in Ho Chi Minh City. It is best known for named after Gia Dinh Stars (Vietnamese: Ngôi Sao Gia Định), the best club in football history of Southern Vietnam.

The club changed owner as paulzheng took control and renamed it FC Gia Dinh Stars on June 7, 2007.


FC Gia Dinh Stars played its first official games on the Ricefield. At the first time the stadium had a maximum capacity of 12,000 which was reached on several occasions, and the capacity was upgraded to 23,000 and 46,000 in August 2008.

After much consideration, the club decided to build a new stadium with total capacity of 66,000. The new stadium Paul Augustine has been opened for public on March 3, 2010 and it has been in use since the beginning of the season 24.

On August 4, 2010, the club added 500 seats in VIP boxes. Paul Augustine has initial capacity of 66,500.


Division III.PNG Champion in III.7 (season 25)

Division IV.PNG Champion in IV.24 (season 21)

Division IV.PNG Champion in IV.24 (season 20)

Division IV.PNG Champion in IV.24 (season 19)

Division IV.PNG Champion in IV.18 (season 17)

Topscore.png Top Scorer of league IV.18, season 17: Belgium Guy Schoenaerts (17 goals)

Topscore.png Top Scorer of league IV.24, season 19: Spain Rafael Canel (12 goals)

Topscore.png Top Scorer of league IV.24, season 20: Belgium Guy Schoenaerts (15 goals)

Topscore.png Top Scorer of league IV.24, season 21: Germany Gismar Wohlschieß (8 goals)

Topscore.png Top Scorer of league III.7, season 25: Belgium Jim Gabriëls (12 goals)


Current squad

As of 12 January 2011

Position Player
GK Spain Fávila Rubio Vega
GK Argentina Waldemar Schories
DF Vietnam Lê Xuân Hồng
DF Croatia Dražen Ostrovski
DF Germany Heiner Ehrhorn
DF France Johan Dupont
DF Finland Kalle Eisto
DF Portugal Abílio Serra
DF Italy Mirko La Ratta
DF Italy Carlo Bacchini
DF Vietnam Ngô Trung Tiệm
MF Finland Aki Wikström
Position Player
MF Vietnam Đặng Thanh Dũng
MF Switzerland Fadri Devault
MF USA Bradley Naquin
MF Netherlands Jules Buikstra
MF Denmark Nils Toft Nielsen
MF Germany Torsten Driller
MF Colombia Robin Ferreira
FW Belgium Jim Gabriëls
FW Bulgaria Radostin Mihaylov
FW Switzerland Cesare Schaffer

Notable past players

The players below are part of the FC Gia Dinh Stars Hall of Fame.

From Until More Info
Vietnam 夏 (Xia) 润轶 (Runyi) 7/6/2007 12/6/2010
Vietnam 姚 (Yao) 超圭 (Chaogui) 7/6/2007 19/12/2009
Vietnam 庄 (Zhuang) 贝荣 (Beirong) 7/6/2007 2/3/2009 first youth player discovered
Poland Henryk Grel
Player From To Caps Goals Note
Belgium Guy Schoenaerts 5/8/2007 25/10/2009 120 66 (0)


Nationality Coach Name From To Status
Sweden Sören Klintborg Oct 10, 2008 Oct 10, 2010 Team member
Switzerland Cesare Schaffer Oct 10, 2010 Present Head Coach

Friendly Cups


FC Gia Dinh Stars participated in the HTVN Cup and ranked 9th in the first edition. The team plans to play for the 2nd edition.

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