FC Ishim Boys 72

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FC Ishim Boys 72 (178673)
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Region Tyumen
Country  Rossiya
Geografic area Eastern Europe
Continent Europe
Foundation 06.09.2008
Stadium Cтадион "Центральный" (62 100 seats)
Fan club ≈ 2 600 members
League IV.48
President Russia Ronin
Coach Belgium Manthos Mpouras
Prize shelf
Series Champions V.205(Rossiya) Season 29Series Champions V.205(Rossiya) Season 31Series Champions VI.11(Rossiya) Season 26

Team colours
Youth Team
Youth Team: Roman930u
Youth arena: Roman930u stadion

FC Ishim Boys 72 is Russian football club from Tyumen managed by Ronin.

The Team

Foundation History

FC Ishim Boys 72 was founded September 6th, 2008.
Earlier the club was called:

  • Roman_930 (06.09.2008-15.01.2009)


Cтадион "Центральный" is the arena of FC Ishim Boys 72. It has a total capacity of 62 100.

  • Total capacity: 62 100
  • Terraces: 37 260
  • Basic seating: 14 444
  • Seats under roof: 8 844
  • Seats in VIP boxes: 1 552

Club History

Season League Russian Cup Trophies Top goalscorer Goals
24(36) 4th in VI.11 none none unknown -
25(37) 3rd in VI.11 1st round none Jordan Killilea, Antti Hurskainen 8
26(38) 1st in VI.11 2nd round Division VI.PNG Sándor Pulyu 11
27(39) 3rd in V.205 1st round none Salvador Sáenz Ruiz 8
28(40) 4th in V.205 4th round none unknown -
29(41) 1st in V.205 2nd round Division V.PNG Raphael Anselmo 6
30(42) 2nd in V.205 5th round none Carlos Adolfo Padilla 5
31(43) 1st in V.205 4th round Division V.PNG Kaj Ståhlell 10
32(44) 2nd in IV.48 4th round none Yelle Schmutz 6

Youth Team


  • Youth team scout: Klement Chudnovskiy, 48 years, Looking for player in Tyumen Russia
  • Youth team scout: Alexey Kozodoy, 44 years, Looking for player in Ivanovo Russia
  • Youth team scout: Yan Vilinskiy, 53 years, Looking for player in Moscow Russia


Roman930 stadion is the arena of Roman930u. It has a total capacity of 300.

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