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FC Moorweide United
Fcmu bling.png

club logo created by charlie_planlos

Team Kits
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Season 46 and 
Season 44-45

Day of Foundation: 21.09.2007
Club colours: Dark Blue & White
Mascot(s): Leo & Leona
Anthem: 2 Lions On A Shirt
Entrance theme: 7 Nation Army (instrumental) by The White Stripes
Goal song: Passing Through (ref.) [1] by The Walls
Social data
Country: Germany Germany
Region (City): Hamburg [2]
Championship: VII.1003
President: Germany Vivas T. Pauli
Chairman: Germany Jan Zintel
Secretary: Germany Paolo Schulmeister (45)

Serbia Damjan Momirović (46-??)


Germany Dirk Kiefersbeck (33)

Argentina Juan Cousau (34-35)

England Pete Stanley (36-43)

Belgium Giliano Goethals (44-??)

Fanclub: Ultrà Moorweide
Dammtor-Stadion: 36.000 total
Terraces: 20.750
Basic seating: 7.800
Seats under roof: 6.650
Seats in VIP boxes: 800
Trophy Shelf
Trophies: League VIII (45)

League IX (43)

League X (40)

Division VIII.PNGDivision IX.pngDivision X.PNG

Awards: Serbia 5x Damjan Momirović

Latvia 2x Boris Ivanenko

Topscorer IX.PNG Topscorer X.PNG Topscorer X.PNG Topscorer X.PNG Topscorer X.PNG Topscorer X.PNG Topscorer X.PNG

"Why we are still only in League IX? I'll ask you, why not? There are clubs that hunt for trophies and others that hunt for fame... I don't think there is another club in any country on this low league level better known than our club. Show me another club in these spheres that got so much attention without a booby-logo! See? Who will remember a boring club that may be champion of League V 10 times? We do it with style, with projects like hatsticks or Palmoból we move the people's hearts. That's how our club rolls!" (President Vivas T. Pauli)


Season League Pos Pts Pld W D L GF GA GD Top scorer LTS Ø Attendance
33 X.1783 5th 7 5 2 1 2 10 11 -1 Germany Sören Egestorf: 3 3.120
34 X.1783 3rd 29 14 9 2 3 62 27 +35 Serbia Damjan Momirović: 16 x 4.541
35 X.1783 4th 22 14 7 1 6 44 35 +9 Serbia Damjan Momirović: 12 x 6.449
36 X.1783 3rd 27 14 8 3 3 51 22 +29 Serbia Damjan Momirović: 18 x 9.123
37 X.1783 2nd 34 14 11 1 2 68 20 +50 Serbia Damjan Momirović: 22 x 10.671
38 X.1783 3rd 34 14 11 1 2 76 16 +60 Serbia Damjan Momirović: 17 12.300
39 X.1783 2nd 33 14 11 0 3 68 10 +58 Serbia Damjan Momirović: 24 x 12.817
40 X.1783 1st 42 14 14 0 0 39 1 +38 Latvia Boris Ivanenko: 16 x 13.346
41 IX.564 3rd 25 14 7 4 3 27 12 +15 Latvia Boris Ivanenko: 9 x 17.300
42 IX.564 4th 26 14 8 2 4 25 15 +10 Argentina Hernán Rojas: 6 17.739
43 IX.564 1st 30 14 9 3 2 45 11 +34 Argentina Hernán Rojas: 11 19.678
44 VIII.542 2nd 30 14 9 3 2 29 8 +21 Argentina Hernán Rojas: 7 20.192
45 VIII.542 1st 33 14 10 3 1 22 6 +16 Argentina Hernán Rojas: 5 20.441

Club grounds



The heart of the club, home of over 20.000 and magnet of the masses, the holy temple of heroes and legends - or in short: A giant pile of bricks and steel. Wait... too unromantic? Oh well. Anyway, the stadium was built overnight by the new self-proclaimed club president Vivas T. Pauli (many say it's merely a pseudonym). He literally showed up one night in the center of the city with a dozen of bulldozers, building cranes and hundreds of Chinese construction workers. Some say he sat on top of the biggest dozer, doing one of those evil world domination laughs, causing masses of people to panic and assume an invasion was about to start. Or at least the attempt of building the largest noodle shop in the world.

After the workers had done their Chinese construction magic, the next day the citizens started to wonder where their public park -the Moorweide- disappeared to. People wanting to play football on the meadow, close by the train station Dammtor near the city center, suddenly stumbled upon this new stadium. Agitated by this selfish action, an angry mob started to form in front of Dammtor-Stadion. The club president took advantage of the situation and recruted many of them for the club's staff by bribing them with free drinks for life in the club lounge. The starter squad was also created this way, they became to be known as the "angry mob eleven" later on.

Lions Lounge

The Lions Lounge tower before the "renovation".

Originally being a cocktail bar, this little tower at Dammtor-Stadion's west end was "renovated" on the big night of the stadium construction to be the new club house. The workers "accidentally" removed all of the old furniture and replaced it with the new blue interior design that was supposed to go into one of the terraces. The president didn't plan this at first but finally went with the idea of the Chinese specialists who changed the first floor into a restaurant/sportsbar and the second/third floor into a lounge while they were at it anyway. The former owners were also bribed with free merchandise for life to continue working for the club and thereby preventing a rather unpleasant lawsuit because of the sudden "takeover". Fortunately the staff has (was forced to) become an irreplacable part of the club culture by now.

The Lions Lounge became the most popular place for 'Bloody Mary' fans in Hamburg during the time of the ht world cup in Greece. It all started with rioting hatsticks addicts throwing tomatoes at the club house, thereby venting their anger for making them wait for delayed hatsticks codes. The staff was completely overwhelmed by the sheer number of thrown vegetables piling up all around the building that they were forced to make use of it. You can always notice a sudden price drop for Bloody Mary's around the time of a world cup...

Fan Shop

The fan shop was build at the southern end of the stadium, constructed from an old newspaper shack which was run over and carried away with the bulldozers on their rampage through the city. It became unbelievably popular during the World Cup GREECE 2009 when the club began selling hatsticks. Thousands of fans from all over the world came for the new stickers every day! Angus McDoe was the owner for quite a while but misteriously disappeared one day. Nowadays it only sells the normal merchandise of the football team. The hatsticks shop was rebuild as an e-shop which is now run by Laura Morrissey and can be reached via the stixphone.

U20-NT matches

Season Week U20-country home U20-country away Result Match-ID
40 6 Germany Deutschland Switzerland Schweiz 2:1 (1:0) 251472043


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The 10 year anniversary squad on a hatsticks page!