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FC San Diego is an American club playing in VI.322, the lowest (sixth) division of the USA's football system. The club was previously known as Milkmen (season 34), Los Toreros United (33), Harding United (32), C.A. Boca (21-31), and South Dakota Bears (19-20). The club finished in fifth place in season 38, the highest finish in FC San Diego history. They currently sit third on league VI.322's table and were knocked out in the first round of the domestic cup competition.


San Diego is captained by Israeli midfielder Ori Tzalik. Defender Walt Cherry and midfielder Geppino Burroni serve as associate captains.

Senior Club

No. Pos Name Country Age Goals Acquired from
1 GK Isaac Loera Mexico 29y108d 0 Freestate Cheetahs (Mexico)
2 LB Miguel Galivan Chile 20d96y 1 Homero de la Ira (Chile)
3 CB Walt Cherry  USA 20y23d 1 YC San Diego (youth team)
4 CB Alwin Schultz von Dratzig 19y48d 0 SCBarca10 (Germany)
5 D Ivo Canais Portugal 19y3d 1 Konzafontumaz (Portugal)
6 MF Geppino Burroni Italy 20y53d 6
7 MF Ori Tzalik Israel 20y69d 6 shush_stars (Israel)
8 LW Anthony Hoyt  USA 17y12d 0 YC San Diego (youth team)
9 F Titus Dempsey  USA 17y69 3 YC San Diego (youth team)
10 F Mathies Hoock Germany 19y59d 9 Wild & Free 2005 (Germany)
11 RW Zoltan Berzenyi Hungary 19y63d 3 Golden Falcon FC (Hungary)
12 GK Ernest Compton  USA 19y5d 0
14 RB Jorge Vargas Rivera Spain 19y11d 0 Wolverine's Hell (Spain)
15 D Billy Cheatham  USA 18y37d 2 YC San Diego (youth team)
17 D Ulf Helmscrott Germany 19y86d 1 Bensberger Teufel (Germany)
18 D Espiridion Cortazar  USA 19y55d 0
19 F Alfred Contreras  USA 20y69d 1 YC San Diego (youth team)
20 W Arild Brunborg Norway 19y94d 2
21 F Mauro Llana Chile 20y63d 11 toroahumado (Chile)
22 M David Mailhot  USA 18y44d 0
23 M Christopher Estrada  USA 17y84d 0 YC San Diego (youth team)
24 F/D Joseph Corey  USA 20y50d 1 YC San Diego (youth team)
25 W/D Michel Hayes  USA 18y47d 0 YC San Diego (youth team)
26 F Marty Li  USA 18y67d 0 YC San Diego (youth team)
27 M Donald Snell  USA 20y61d 0 YC San Diego (youth team)
28 F Jon Braun  USA 18y20d 0 YC San Diego (youth team)
29 W Lane Cockrell  USA 17y53d 0 YC San Diego (youth team)
30 M David Carpentier  USA 19y64d 0 YC San Diego (youth club)

Youth players

Current Season

Season 38 was the first season in which FC San Diego qualified for the domestic cup competition since changing the name of the club.


Player Goals
Mauro Llana 6
Mathies Hoock 5
Ori Tzalik 3
Titus Dempsey 3
Geppino Burroni 1
Walt Cherry 1