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FC Scottsdale is an American team from Phoenix and was founded on the 28th of April 2005 by ToffeesPumpkins. Its owner states that the team is located in fact in Scottsdale, AZ, this also explains the team's name. The team currently plays in V.159. They have been known for being a 'yo-yo' team, getting promoted and relegated in interchanging seasons, although the owner has recently decided to invest more in the team in an effort to establish them in the league.


FC Scottsdale's senior squad play in the old Gramercy Park, which houses a 45,000 fans. It is almost always near-capacity and the Scottsdale fans are known for their energy and loyalty. The youth squad used to play at the nearby Roosevelt Park, capacity 300, before being disbanded due to financial issues.


Season 28: VI.230 Champion
Season 30: VI.625 Champion
Season 32: VI.329 Runner-Up
Season 33: VI.329 Champion