FC Tijuana 1986

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FC Tijuana 1986
HT User: eogc84
Full name Fútbol Club Tijuana 1986 (622814)
Nickname Cimarrones (Rams)
Founded 17-12-2008 (as FC Tijuana 1986)
Location Mexico Baja California, México
Arena Estadio Daniel Alberto Brailovsky
Capacity 17,749
Fanclub Fronterizos Fatales (Fatal Frontierers)
President Mexico Eric Gómez
Coach Canada Cesar Teofilo (57735539)
League Mexico V.157 (77046)

FC Tijuana 1986 is a Hattrick club currently competing in V.157 out of the Baja California region in the Mexican league. It is owned by Eric Gómez and managed by Cesar Teofilo.


Originally founded 25-09-2004 as Puebla CF, the team failed to get out of the Mexican sixth division in its first ten seasons, until, under the moinker FC Drogadictos, it rose to the fifth division and joined V.169 (25201). After three seasons and another change in ownership, the team was relegated to the sixth division. In December of 2008, the team was taken over by its current owner and began play in VI.55, during season 37, finishing fourth.

Season 38 was memorable for the club, as it finished first in the league with 33 points [1]. However, the team lost its promotion game, impeding its entrance to the fifth division. Jan-Peter Schaars (188364903), the team's Dutch wingback, was the league's top scorer with 11 goals.

Season 39 saw the team go undefeated, with a record of 13-1-0. Gabriel Serradell, Zmicier Rak and Dimosthenis Maragkos headlined a prolific attack which racked up 72 goals. Despite the strong performance, first place in the league was not defined until the last week of the season when the team matched up against the other first place team, gerry_rayos. A ferocious 90 minutes of play yielded a 5-4 score in favor of the Rams, who this time skipped the promotion game and ascended directly into the fifth division. They were placed in V.157 for season 40.

Managerial History

2008-09 Mexico Argenis Cuesta (228227130)

2009 Spain Saturnino Botana (203381136)

2009- Canada Cesar Teofilo

Season by Season Performance

Season League (ID) Pos GP W D L GF GA GD Pts Result
37 VI.55 (77046) 4 4 0 1 3 5 - 19 -14 1 Remaining in VI.55
38 VI.55 (77046) 1 14 11 0 3 72 - 15 57 33 Champions
39 VI.55 (77046) 1 14 13 1 0 71 - 11 60 40 Champions
40 V.157 (25189) 7 6 1 0 5 11 - 28 -17 40 Ongoing