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FC Ukman is a Dutch team playing in IX.1862.


FC Ukman was found on the 28 of Decembre in 2005. The first season in the X division FC Ukman finished fourth in the league. The year after this FC Ukman promoted to the VIII division. It was the first time that FC Ukman played in the national cup, but was out of the cup in the first round. After 3 seasons FC Ukman demoted back to the IX division and didn't play in the cup for 4 seasons. FC Ukman started this season with a new team. All players were sold and all new players were bought and trained during this season. FC Ukman was the second in the league and promoted to the VIII division after season 22.


Now it's the end of the season and FC Ukman has played 14 matches. Twelve of this matches were won and 2 were lost versus Tullie. Biggest win was 6-0 versus Davous' Devils.