FK Bejbunar

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FK Bejbunar Ohrid.png
Full name FK Bejbunar Ohrid
Nickname Рибари (Fishermen)
Founded 18 September 2006; 7 years ago as FK SWAT
Ground Gradski Stadion Bejbunar
Capacity 65,000
Owner Ironm
President Ironm
Head coach Gilberto Sánchez Gil
League IV.63
Website Maktrick
Gradski Stadion Bejbunar.jpg
Location Bul. Turistichka bb,
Sports center Biljanini Izvori,
Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia
Broke ground 2006
Opened 27 September 2006
Renovated 2008, 2009, 2012
Owner Municipality of Ohrid
Operator FK Bejbunar Ohrid
Capacity 65,000
Terraces 39,000
Basic seating 15,275
Seats under roof 9,100
VIP boxes 1,625

Fudbalski Klub Bejbunar (Macedonian: Фудбалски Клуб Бејбунар), commonly referred to as FK Bejbunar or simply Bejbunar, is a professional Macedonian football club based in Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia, that plays in IV.63. Bejbunar was founded in 2006 by Macedonian business magnate, investor, and programmer Ironm.

Bejbunar’s home games are played at Gradski Stadion Bejbunar. The stadium has a total capacity of 65,000.


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The team's stadium is the 65,000 seats Gradski Stadion Bejbunar. The stadium was owned by the club until it was sold to the city council in 2010.

The first game played at the stadium was on 27 September 2006, when Bejbunar lost 4-0 in a friendly match against Flame Dragons. Bejbunar played its first league game in Gradski Stadion Bejbunar on 30 September 2006, losing 2-1 to mmarjan. From an initial capacity of 12,000 spectators, the stadium has undergone several major renovations, most recently in preparation for the matches in the third Macedonian league when its capacity was set to 71,000, all covered with a polycarbonate roof. In the summer of 2012 its capacity has been reduced to 65,000, in order to meet the new standards set by HFA.

Based on the English model for stadiums, Gradski Stadion Bejbunar is specifically designed for football matches, as opposed to many multi-purpose stadiums used in Macedonia. It is therefore renowned in Macedonia for its fantastic atmosphere during matches, thanks to the closeness of the stands to the pitch. The frequent use of flares by supporters contributes to the atmosphere, but the practice has occasionally caused problems.


Bejbunar is one of the best supported football clubs in Macedonia, according to a research conducted by Macedonian newspaper Македонски Спорт. The main ultras group within the support base is Fishermen (Macedonian: Рибари), and there are 2,645 active members. They are known for being passionate and impulsive, which led to several serious issues in the past, one of them when an away fan was stabbed to death in December 2008. Flares are commonly present and contribute to every home game spectacle, but they have occasionally led to problems, including the abandonment of the third leg of the Macedonian Cup match between Bejbunar and AYCA FC on 16 November 2011, after a flare thrown from the crowd by a Bejbunar supporter struck AYCA's keeper Dzalvidziev on the shoulder.


No. Position Player Goals
1 GK Finland Antti Kemiläinen 0
2 GK North Makedonija Zbardhim Bardhi 7
3 DF Greece Themis Arnaoutidis 144
5 DF Belgium Özgün Yahşi 45
7 MF Israel Tzachi Sagron 14
8 MF Spain Felipe Ajofrín 48
9 MF North Makedonija Marko Manchev 14
10 MF North Makedonija Dimche Kiroski 7
11 FW North Makedonija Gjelush Sylka 56
12 MF North Makedonija Vladimir Robev 8
13 MF North Makedonija Pavel Lazarev 29
14 MF North Makedonija Kristijan Zhevairovski 28
15 FW Italy Tiziano Genghini 17
17 MF North Makedonija Evtim Miloshevski 6
No. Position Player Goals
18 FW North Makedonija Aleksandar Bogdanovic 33
19 MF North Makedonija Zoran Damjanov 9
20 MF North Makedonija Kirce Georgievski 25
22 FW North Makedonija Lulbardh Mazari 32
27 DF North Makedonija Vasil Velkov 7
33 DF Italy Arnaldo Palareti 42
34 DF Italy Giuseppino Animobono 76
35 GK North Makedonija Cacko Manasievski 4
42 DF North Makedonija Sadik Billa 23
69 MF Italy Enzo Canobio 53
76 DF Türkiye Ömer Lütfü Yalkın 40
82 DF Italy Paolo Baldaro 62
88 DF Hungary Ranko Stanković 39


North Makedonija ironm
FK Bejbunar President.png
North Makedonija Gorazd Shtrbev
FK Bejbunar Secretary.png
Head coach
Spain Gilberto Sánchez Gil
FK Bejbunar Coach.png
Marketing director
North Makedonija Ljube Dzolev
FK Bejbunar Marketing Director.png
Head agent
North Makedonija Boris Joleski
FK Bejbunar Head Agent.png
North Makedonija Vele Dzambazovski
FK Bejbunar Scout1.png
North Makedonija Georgi Goshevski
FK Bejbunar Scout2.png
North Makedonija Gordan Plavevski
FK Bejbunar Scout3.png



Division IV.PNG Division IV

  • Winners (3): IV.33 (Season 12), IV.41 (Season 17), IV.63 (Season 30)
  • Runners-Up (2): IV.47 (Season 20), IV.47 (Season 21)

Division V.PNG Division V

  • Winners (1): V.37 (Season 24)

Club statistics and records

Antti Kemiläinen holds the records for both total appearances and league appearances for Bejbunar, with 172 official games played in total (league and cup) and 156 in the Macedonian league (not including latest season in Macedonia).

Dane forward Kristoffer Nielsen scored 21 goals in the 24th Macedonian season, 18 of which were in the league, setting the league and club record. He went on to become Bejbunar's fifth all time goalscorer, scoring 54 goals for the club on 83 games. Bejbunar's all time top goalscorer is Themis Arnaoutidis with 78 goals on 126 matches, followed by Paulis Naumanis with 63 goals on 170 matches, and Gjelush Sylka in third place, who has scored 56 goals on 108 matches.

The first official match in which Bejbunar participated was in the IV.33 league, drawing 1-1 to KF MILANO. Bejbunar's biggest ever victory was 12–0 versus GS69, in a cup match in the 25th Macedonian season. Its heaviest defeat was recorded in the league in the 22nd season, beaten 0–12 by Ohrid.

Bejbunar's record home attendance is 65,000, for a league match against Mirkovci on 27 July 2013.

The sale of Earl Tadaj to FC Mission, broke the club transfer record for a sold player, costing the US club $4 million (78 million MKD). Bejbunar was especially proud of the fact that Earl came as a youngster to the club, and he was only 19 years old when sold to the US club.

On the other side, the transfer of Kazimir Bouhuis was the biggest acquisition made by Bejbunar with a transfer fee of incredible $5.5 million (107.5 million MKD). He will be remembered as one of the best goalscorers in the club, scoring 40 goals on 33 league matches.

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