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Folkzanna Team (1172832)
Managed by folkzanna
Club information
Location Veneto Italia
StadiumContrà Barche Stadium (47 000 seats)
Fan ClubI Gestionali Fun club
Team colours
Prize shelf
Series Champions V.68 (Italy) Season 44Series Champions V.68 (Italy) Season 43Series Champions VI.655 (Italy) Season 39Series Champions VII.689 (Italy) Season 34Series Champions VIII.1082 (Italy) Season 32Series Champions IX.320 (Italy) Season 29
Youth Team
Team nameCandidati Star
Last update: 20-10-2012

Folkzanna Team was founded on April 20th, 2006.


Total capacity: 47 000 seats

  • Terraces: 27 000
  • Basic seating: 12 000
  • Seats under roof: 7 000
  • Seats in VIP boxes: 1 000

 last improvement: 11-02-2011

Club History

Global Season League Final Pos. Cup round Trophies
49 IV.62 5th 5th round none
48 IV.62 4th 6th round none
47 IV.62 6th 4th round none
46 IV.62 2nd 7th round none
45 IV.62 2nd 5th round none
44 V.68 1st 6th round Division V.PNG
43 V.68 1st 6th round Division V.PNG
42 V.68 3rd 1st round none
41 V.68 2nd 4th round none
40 V.68 4th 8th round none
39 VI.655 1st 5th round Division VI.PNG
38 VI.655 2nd 1st round none
37 VI.655 3rd 4th round none
36 VI.655 4th 4th round none
35 VI.655 6th 1st round none
34 VII.689 1st 2nd round Division VIII.PNG
33 VII.689 5th 1st round none
32 VIII.1082 1st 2nd round Division VIII.PNG
31 VIII.1082 3rd 1st round none
30 VIII.1082 3rd none none
29 IX.320 1st none Division IX.png


18 (31) 325 (998)

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