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Frattaglia FC (1720612)
Frattaglia logo.png
Official logo for Frattaglia FC
Region Abruzzo
Country  Italia
Geografic area Latin Europe
Continent Europe
Foundation 03.09.2007
Stadium Insalatiera (50 001 seats)
Fan club La Nostra Carne Dura Sarà!!! (2300 members)
League V.75
President Italy Frattaglia


Coach Netherlands Tinus Vogels


Prize shelf
Series Champions VI.675 (Italy) Season 42Series Champions VI.168 (Italy) Season 45Series Champions VII.283 (Italy) Season 38Series Champions VIII.1029 (Italy) Season 37Series Champions X.2050 (Italy) Season 34

Top Scorer VI.675 (Italy) Season 42Top Scorer VI.168 (Italy) Season 45Top Scorer VII.283 (Italy) Season 38Top Scorer VIII.1029 (Italy) Season 37

Team colours
Frattaglia home.pngFrattaglia away.png
Youth Team
Youth Team: Risorse Alimentari
Youth arena: Piatto Fondo

Frattaglia FC is an Italian football club from Abruzzo region.

The Team

Foundation History

Frattaglia FC was founded on September 9th, 2007.

The new born society start from a Maciste Bolchi's idea. Together with Frattaglia, Lorenzo Pasqui and Federico Baroncini, they started to talk about the project. In the early times Baroncini and Pasqui was a precious elements of the team.



Insalatiera is the arena of Frattaglia FC. It has a total capacity of 50 001.

  • Total capacity: 50 001
  • Terraces: 26 396
  • Basic seating: 11 460
  • Seats under roof: 11 140
  • Seats in VIP boxes: 1 005

Club History

Season League Coppa Italia Trophies Top goalscorer Goals
33 4th in X.2050 none none Federico Baroncini 5
34 1st in X.2050 none Division X.PNG Lorenzo Pasqui 14
35 2nd in IX.1925 none none Ivan Arci 12
36 5th in VIII.1029 none none Andreas Zacherl 6
37 1st in VIII.1029 2nd round Division VIII.PNGGoldenboot VIII.gif Federico Baroncini 13
38 1st in VII.283 1st round Division VII.PNGGoldenboot VII.gif Hansi Tscharnuter 19
39 5th in VI.675 1st round none Andreas Zacherl 7
40 6th in VI.675 2nd round none Hansi Tscharnuter 7
41 4th in VI.675 1st round none Annunziato Forestieri 10
42 1st in VI.675 7th round Division VI.PNGGoldenboot VI.gif Hansi Tscharnuter 14
43 8th in V.142 1st round none unknown -
44 2nd in VI.168 4th round none Bernard Rzepski 14
45 1st in VI.168 2nd round Division VI.PNGGoldenboot VI.gif Bernard Rzepski 16

Youth Team

Youth League

Risorse Alimentari is currently playing in Serie C2 DAC.


  • Youth team scout: Stefano Buda, 45 years, Looking for player in Marche Italy
  • Youth team scout: Adriano Rendo, 47 years, Looking for player in Abruzzo Italy


Piatto Fondo is the arena of Risorse Alimentari. It has a total capacity of 300.

Hall of fame

Name Retired Category Current job
Italy Federico Baroncini
26-11-2010 at 35 years old Faithful to club Agent
Finland Petteri Stykki
16-06-2009 at 31 years old Great keeper Sports Journalist
Denmark Per Frank Lyse Hansen
23-01-2010 at 41 years old Great coach Actor
Israel Amnon Aizenstein
05-05-2011 at 40 years old Great coach Restaurant Owner

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