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The Norwegian Hattrick Club Fusa Farmers was formed July 18th, 2002. The first full season was played in IV.58 in Norway, and ended with a surprising 3rd place. The following season they won the league, losing only one match, and was promoted to third division. There they suffered 14 straight defeats, and was relegated to fourth division. This was the start of the downfall of Fusa Farmers. After two average seasons, they were relegated to fifth division. The crisis was complete when they ended in 6th place, and suffered a shock defeat in the qualification match against Blomsterkvasten Idræt. They were now two divisions below where they started. After major changes in the club the following season, and the finding of the super talent Gaspar Vivoda, they managed 14 straight wins in sixth division, and returned to fifth division. Another round of major changes was done, including the sales of Gaspar Vivoda and almost half of the players in the squad. A new batch of promising talents were gathered, and today they make up one of the toughest defences in the Norwegian fifth division. The future now looks bright for Fusa Farmers, who have the resources and talent to get far in the Hattrick world.