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Full name Fútbol Kamikaze
Shortcut FK
Nickname Leones, Kamikaze, Kamis
Founded 01-06-2004
Location Mexico Jalisco, México
Ground Estadio 6 de Enero
Size 40,000
Fanclub La Fosa de los Leones (FdL)
President Mexico Kruspel
Coach Brazil Mário Carioca
League Mexico (IV.56}
Place Currently 2nd
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A Football team from Zapopan, Jalisco in Mexico. Currently competes in Division IV of the circuit 56 in Hattrick.

Involved since the season 21 uninterrupted since then has two championships league.

It is characterized by a football practice cheerful, colorful and offensive based on the philosophy of Total Football, and to recruit excellent cutting offensive players regardless of their nationality, are discoverers of major exporter of talented players and they form in your school better known as the Center for Training and Education Kamikaze (CECAFORKA) where they have left many of its historical players.

It also has one of the most loyal and unconditional fans that support the team at all time be winning or losing and its a reason to feel that the rival pressure at all times.

The stadium is popularly known as the pit of lions or the cemetery of the elephants, because it is complicated to get a point as a visitor.