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fuzzyspud (2850721)
Real Name
Gender Male
Favourite team Heart of Midlothian
Team Name Jambo Aeons
Language English
Joined 24-05-2005

GM-fuzzyspud started playing Hattrick in May 2005 and since then has been involved in many areas of the game.

Scotland National Team[edit]

In April 2007 he was elected Scotland National Team manager and held the position for 4 consecutive World Cup campaigns. Under his stewardship the Scotland NT moved from a team still based primarily around mono-skill players to a team consisting entirely of multi-skilled players. His best run in the World Cup saw Scotland reach Round 4 (the last 8 teams) for the third time in their history - quite an achievement for a relatively small nation.

Hattrick Staff[edit]

In September 2008 fuzzyspud joined the Hattrick volunteer staff, becoming a Forum Moderator. In July 2009 he became a GameMaster.

Club Team[edit]

As manager of Jambo Aeons fuzzyspud has won the Scottish Premier League and played in the Scottish Cup Semi Finals.


Fuzzyspud is most famous, however, for his love of baked potatoes.