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A Moderator (or Mod, or MOD) is an official whose job is to keep a watchful eye on the various forums within the game (national forum, regional, youth league and series). They keep the forums clean of forbidden topics, spam and general bad behaviour.

A Moderator has the power to ban from the forums or fine users that break the Forum Rules.

Common misconceptions

Moderators, Mods, MODs or whatever you want to call them, look after the forums - so everything that appears after you click the Forum menu option is their domain. They also run elections at the end of each season for the U20 and National teams, help build an online community, check the Ads sections and take appropriate measures when the forum rules are broken. This can include a ban.

Moderators are often asked in the forums to provide assistance. They surely have been playing Hattrick for a long time, and as such they have built up a decent knowledge of the game and how it works. This doesn't mean that they know all the answers, but they'll try and help out when we can. This can lead to the misconception that moderators can help in every situation, but there are buttons to which they don't have access.

The Game Masters (GMs) is the role that you'll need to contact if something goes wrong. GMs handle cheat reports, bug and game issues - almost anything that doesn't involve the forums. GMs are a halfway point between users and the HT developers - important issues will be disseminated through the forums or a myHT message.

You can contact us through the Help menu, then select Contact Us. It is important that you don't message the hattrick staff about anything official, like a complaint about a user's behaviour on the forum. If you are unsure of where to turn to, feel free to ask on the forum - mods/other users can point you in the right direction.

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