Gabriel Grünberg

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Personal Information
Full name Gabriel Grünberg
Nickname El Primero
Place of birth Rheinland-Pfalz,  Deutschland
Position Defender
Height 1.83 metres
Club Information
Current club Mexico AKV Football Club
Senior Clubs1
Global Seasons Team GP (goals)
29 Germany VfB Rumpelfüßler _0 _(0)
29 - 38 Germany SC RW Oberhausen _78 _(3)
38 - 47 Mexico AKV Football Club _242 _(85)

Gabriel Grünberg (Rheinland-Pfalz, Deutschland) is a footballer of Deutschland, his first team was VfB Rumpelfüßler, he plays for the AKV Football Club in VI.595 of Mexico.

In "Set pieces" is your best quality, was promoted from the youth squad in VfB Rumpelfüßler on 22-07-2006, he played for VfB Rumpelfüßler one month, but he never played his debut, after it he is transfered to SC RW Oberhausen, he plays for his team during 9 HT years, on 14-02-2009 he is transfered for his actually team, the "SoccerFans" of "AKV Football Club".

Never played with VfB Rumpelfüßler, his first match was with Oberhausen.

He is the first scorer of his actually club, he scored in 1th minute of the first match of the SoccerFans against Athletico Guerrero, he scored two goals in this season (38), the SoccerFans are his first team out of Deutschland.

He is a famous player and one of the better players in the history of Los SoccerFans, he since May 17th of 2009 is a Hall of Fame member of SoccerFans, in his 29th birthday, but he now is playing and where he decide the retirement, he will be promoted to Hall of Fame, said the President.

He had his better season in 39 Global Season, where he scored 6 for his team and his team can be promoted to V, and he is the current captain of AKV Football Club