Gathering of the Adirondacks League

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The Gathering of the Adirondacks League

The Gathering of the Adirondacks League (GOAL) is a US federation originally based in the Albany, New York area but has spread to encompass all of Upstate New York and beyond. The federation ID is 12427, which is coincidentally the zip code for Elka Park, NY in Greene County, a county within the boundaries covered by the GOAL federation. It was created on 27 August 2004 and currently has around 40 members. Membership is not exclusive however prospective members are encouraged to have some sort of connection to Upstate New York.

Every season they hold the Six Nations Cup (named for the original inhabitants of the Upstate New York region). It was formerly known as the Upstate Cup and is an informal competition between members. The champions have been some of the most feared teams in the United States, with the Chernobyl' Atomic Elk winning the first two, CApanache winning the next two and Major Leaguer Dawn of Twilight winning it in season 5 before CApanache recaptured it the following two seasons. With CApanache's departure from Hattrick the Manlius Chubbys are now the dominant team in the Cup, winning the last three before being upset by One Striker in the finals of Upstate Cup XI.

According to tradition, the winner of the Six Nations Cup receives a puppy and although no canines have actually been delivered, unsubstantiated rumors of their consumption still plague the federation.

Since Upstate Cup VIII, the winner plays for the U.S. Champion's Premier Cup.

Six Nations Cup/Upstate Cup History

Season Champion Runner-up Score
I (23) Chernobyl' Atomic Elk Scalpers 6-0
II (24) Chernobyl' Atomic Elk Deutsch Fire FC 2-0
III (25) CApanache Averill Park Mercury 3-2
IV (26) CApanache Real SHAM 2-1
V (27) Dawn of Twilight Real SHAM 3-0
VI (28) CApanache The Never 3-2
VII (29) CApanache Sackets Harbor 5-0
VIII (30) Manlius Chubbys Æthelmearc AC 6-1
IX (31) Manlius Chubbys Salisan Spiders 3-0
X (32) Manlius Chubbys Buffalo 716 5-2
XI (33) One Striker Manlius Chubbys 2-1
XII (34) Connor's Crusaders Niskayuna GoreCore F.C. 6-0
I (35) FC The Black Flashes 4-0
II (36) Niagara Rapids FC Lancaster Lions 6-1

GOAL Officers