Gravdal Laksevåg FF

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Gravdal Laksevåg (163595)
managed by Kenetico
Full name Gravdal Laksevåg FF
Nickname Gravdal
Founded 09.09.2008
Location Bergen, Norway
Ground Nonaas Amfi
Size 50 000
Colors White, green and blue
Fanclub Skvadronen
League VI. 975
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Gravdal Laksevåg FF (Founded 2008) is a team from Bergen in Norway leaded by Kenetico. The club won VI.36 in season 31 (Norway), but wasn't able to stay in 5th division for more than one season. The club has also won the B-final of the first Under-18 Cup, and reached the semi-final of the A-final 3 seasons later.


  • Olympico Coca-Cola
  • Buxton
  • Arsenal253
  • Sportsklubben United
  • SK Greasers
  • United Glory FC

Ferrero Rocher-ligaen season 1
Ferrero Rocher
Ferrero Rocher

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