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On the 7th of November 2005 Spyro (André Anselmi) and Spinsis (Oscar Karlsten) launched the first version of the site which is hosted by HT-FAQ is a free databased driven site which has been constructed in order to help and guide all of the HT-managers. Whether you're a first season newbie or an experienced manager HT-FAQ can help you find the answers to your questions.

The sites main engine consists of cathegories and sub-cathegories which makes it very easy to navigate. The site also has a great and "easy-to-use" (with a great guide in the frontpage) boolean search which makes your desired information very easy to locate.

The other special thing with the site is that users (visitors) may interact and send in their question. The question is stored in the adminarea where an "expert panel" consisting of experienced users answer every question that is sent in - and submits it to the general DB, making the Q&A available for other visitors.

Q&A examples from the DB[edit]

Q: If a player gets injured in a match and is replaced, will the substitute then receive training or do I still have to play him in the friendly?

A: The substitute will recieve training (if played in a training position). The player injured will ALSO recieve training if he when the training occours is "+1, injured but training".

(Added by Spinsis 2005-11-23)

Q: My player got sent off in my cup game. Will he be suspended for the next cup game and able to play in the league at the weekend?

A: No. A player serves his suspension during the next competitive match, it doesn't matter what competition it's in.

(Added by AlanS 2005-11-08)