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The following contents are based on official Hattrick documents and/or official statements — which usually means they should be trustworthy.

The documentation on the HT 6.6 changes can seem rather overwhelming, so we've created this separate page: Hattrick 6.6 at a glance. However, please be aware that this page is only a very simplified version of the changes. We strongly recommend that you read the full descriptions in the Hattrick 6.6 document.

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Hattrick 6.6 at a glance

Transfer market

We're changing the fees on transfers. The longer the player has been on your team, the less fees you have to pay when you sell him. Don't sell players the same day you buy them - wait a couple of weeks at least.

Regional transfer lists

To make it easier to search the transfer market, you can now search within 8 "zones" instead of each country separately, for instance "Western Europe" or "South America".

Transfer compare

This is a new feature on the player page that brings up a list of recent transfers for similar players. To help you can find the right price.

Total Skill Index

Instead of the old "assessed value" of a player, we will call that value the "Total Skill Index". This is so as to not confuse newer users who might think that the old "assessed value" was correct.

Match engine

We've improved the match engine in a couple of minor ways.

  • Midfield now becomes slightly less important compared to attack and defence
  • Anyone can get a counter-attack, although the chances are very small unless you use the counter-attack tactic
  • The Counter-attack tactic makes you lose somewhat less midfield skill than before, so it is a little better
  • A large number of small changes that improve presentation of the match report


The formula that decides player salaries has been changed. Secondary skills (for instance, passing or defending for midfielders) will be cheaper. Also, stamina only matters for the salary of players with high playmaking, and it won't matter to the salary if a player is injured or not when the salary is set.

Team ratings

The team ratings have been halved: This means that if your team used to get "excellent" for midfield, it will now only be called "weak". It's just as good as before, of course, but a change such as this one had to come, or else we'd end up in a situation where all teams had "divine" ratings everywhere, which would make it impossible to compare teams.