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HTnini in 2020

HTnini is a a CHPP game developed as a plugin for Google Chrome browser (and later expanded to Mozilla Firefox) that emulates the collection of the famous "Panini cards".

The mind behind this helper application is the French user CHPP-teles Magnifier.png.


HTnini come from an old idea that teles started back in 2014. The objective was the same, but it was more complex: more types of bonus, many cross-validations, updates, and it involved designing a website. It was never finished or published. In the covid global quarantine situation, teles had some free time… and during rare times like these he always think of new CHPP products.

This is how he decided to resume this project but with a different objective: to publish it in a few weeks! This time, to reach this goal, he set himself the challenge differently. The first thing to do was eliminate everything that requires excessive time. He had to avoid learning a new programming language and any new development techniques and also, avoid a website (it takes a long time), so teles decided to create a browser extension and integrate the entire game on the Hattrick website. The code is strange because he had to code it quickly, but it works and is enough for a first version. The functions are limited to a minimum: albums, cards, market and see other collections.

The result? The game was in production at the expected time! Approximately two weeks of development, and around a week of testing. It was launched in May 2020. One week after the "premier", HTnini has more than 400 subscribers, threads in the most consulted HT forums and users who confess to spend more time on HTnini than on the pages of their own HT teams!

The spanish-written blog HT-Central echoed the success of this launch and chatted a lot with the creator.

Voices from forum:

"I started playing HTnini the first day it came to the Global forum and since then, it's the first thing I do every morning in Hattrick. I believe it is a brilliant idea and fits perfectly to the Hattrick community. I can only congratulate CHPP-teles for both the idea and the implementation. As a heavy Panini collector when I was a kid (I still have the completed album of Greek League of '97), I am really happy with HTnini". HT-Tasos


It's the place to share any album made by any user. You just need the album code to see it. You can also keep an easy access to 30 albums using favorites.

You can also share your code by htmail, forum, article, ... with a special tag [htnini=xxx].


The most important feature added in late 2020 was the Store where you can buy some cards or exchange cards to coin. The idea is to buy some decks of cards, and there will be different types of decks.

Each user have different random offers each day and each offer can be bought only once. If you buy all offers you will have new, if you buy only some you have to wait the next day to have new. The salesperson may not have the most profitable offers but he will have unique ones. Offers can evolve along the time, remember to come everyday to see what's new! The album creator is a way to build and buy your own albums, if you want to be sure to have a particular country you have to take a look.

How does it work

  • You start with a deck of 10 cards and you can have a maximum of 300 cards in your deck.
  • Each card on a page of an album will give you points.
  • You can have up to 3 albums open at the same time for each category.

You can exchange cards missing from your albums between users You can also put a card on the marketplace: you just have to define a price, the minimum price is 10.


Each album has 5 pages of 12 cards each, 11 players and 1 trainer. When all places are filled, the album is complete and you earn coins. Each page is related to a random country, so you can only stick players of this country except the trainer who can be from any country. Also, each page have a captain and can have zero, one or two Hall of Fame places. Cards for these places should also be from the page's country.

Each card stick on an album will give you points, and each page has a special quest to get a bonus. A stuck card can't be removed, if you choose to stick a card your choice is forever! You can stick another card on a stuck card but it's not free and the cost increases with each use.

When you finish an album you obtain a ticket and you will earn half the album points in coins. There are also specials types of albums, those have no gain when completed, it's just albums for fun.


Every day you can get a free gift from a list of proposals. There are different types of cards:

  • Players
  • NT players
  • Trainer
  • HoF

A captain is a player with leadership 6 or 7, he scores points in the same way as normal player. On your cards deck you can see back of each card by clicking on the bottom right corner of the card, have a look! If you want to keep a card in your deck you can lock it. In this case you can't delete it, can't sell it and it can't be used for exchange in the shop. You can unlock a card when you want. Be careful, even locked a card can be stuck in your album.


Album total is displayed on the cover, and each page contains its points total.

You receive points when you stuck a:

  • player will give you 10 points + the equivalent of leadership level,
  • captain will give you 16 or 17 points depending on his leadership level,
  • NT player will give you 20 points + the equivalent of leadership level,
  • trainer will give you 20 points or 30 points if he comes from page's country + the equivalent of leadership level,
  • HoF will give you 30 points.

Each stuck card:

  • that match the bonus double its points,
  • with a speciality will give 3 points more, not doubled in case of bonus,
  • with same value for honesty, agreeability and aggressiveness will give 2 points, not doubled in case of bonus,
  • with consecutive values for honesty, agreeability and aggressiveness will give 1 point, not doubled in case of bonus.

Bonus points

When page is full and contains only cards with bonus you will receive a bonus of 100 points!

Each page of an album can provide a bonus points if you succeed to reach a specific goal on the page. For example, to get the bonus you may have to stick only aggressive players, or only honestly ones, or only players with a certain specialty. That's a good challenge! The bonus, as it's name stand for, is not mandatory to finish a page, it just more points if you reach it.


You can exchange any card against any other, as many times as you want and you choose with who you exchange. By barter you can offer up to 5 different packs to get the cards you are looking for, the user will choose the pack he wants to make the exchange.

Offers are divided into private and public sections. To accept one, click on the green button and select your cards that match required criteria. When the button is red you don't have the required cards, but you can see which criteria are needed, maybe you can find missing card in the marketplace.

Each barter offer is available for 3 days, then your cards are released if no one has barter them. When a barter is expired you can remake it again in one click. If you cancel it you can remake it again 3 days after its first creation.


You can sell your cards you don't need to earn money in order to buy cards you need. If you change your mind, you can keep the card before someone buy it.

A card is put on the marketplace for 3 days, if nobody buys the card during this period the card is automatically removed from the marketplace. In any case you have to wait 15 minutes to put it back on the market and when you buy a card, you can put it back on the market only 1 hour later.

If you have enough money, just click on a card to buy it. To find a card on the marketplace you have to define criteria, at least one, and you will see what's available. You can save your search criteria in a profile for later use, you can have up to 5 different profiles.

Artifacts for Shop

If your search returns no result and you have searched for a type, one country and at least one ability, you can check if such player exists in HTnini. You will have a index about player existence: non-existent, extremely rare, very rare, rare, common or numerous.

Moreover, to check if someone has the card you are looking for you need to have an artifact, with it you can get a list up to 5 users who own such card, send them a private barter to try to get the card! Artifacts can be found in the shop. You will be able to use an artifact when you got a 10 results or less for a search with a type, one country and at least one ability.