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2. It will hurt new teams.

Yes it does. Just like a lot of other changes throughout the years have benefited new teams. Like the number of times the money they start with has been increased (currently they start with 300-500% of what many teams started with, including my own). Or the fact that they now start with a bigger stadium that I did, for instance.

The fact that some changes in the game might affect some groups of users in a negative way will never stop us from changing things we believe benefits the game as a whole.

Doubling the maintenance fees will force teams that can't fill up their stadiums to loss alot of money. thus they will diminish their stadiums

And why would we want to do that? There is no gain for Hattrick in making them lose more money than they currently do.

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By: HT-Hasse 2178495.55 as reply to 2178495.54
To: Suli_sul 13-12-2004, at 18:28
True, but you didn't say wether the entire construction (30k Euro + seats)will be doubled, or just seats

We said that the costs for increasing your stadium will be doubled. If you cannot figure out what that means I really think, no offense, that the problem is in your end. Both the above mentioned are among the costs you need to pay to increase your stadium. Hence both will be doubled.

If just the latter would have been doubled the announcement would have said so.

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By: HT-Hasse ? as reply to ?
To: bdleersn ?
It is not a punishment. Such talk is nonsense. But they will have to pay the costs every time they increase their stadium, just like they get to enjoy the 10% increase of ticket prices every match they play and all other changes that have been made throughout the years that benefit them.

With your way of reasoning we would never be able to change anything in the game since there are always groups that suffer or benefit from every change.

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By: HT-Bjorn 2551809.195 as reply to 2551809.192
To: All 14-02-2005, at 07:32
Very well. I have now made a change in the light of the potential threat that a gazillion people unite to play at the same arena, although it would be utterly unlikely that that would happen to the extent that this actually became a problem. Also, I admit that it is a bit unrealistic with even 10 or more matches on the same arena simultaneously.

So, from now on, you cannot challenge teams for a friendly on an arena that is busy (already booked) for a cup match or friendly within the next 7 days. Under certain circumstances it might still happen that two matches are played on the same Stadium complex simultaneously, but normally, it will not happen and in any case, the scenario of a 50.000 teams conspiracy to play at the same stadium is virtually impossible.

(Although I fail to see what the point of such a conspiracy to down the match engine would be).

Of course, this also means that you need to look a bit more before being able to find an arena that is available for friendlies (although high but not top ranking teams (thus still playing on the road in the cup), that are still in the cup are a good shot for finding a pitch that isn't already booked).

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By: HT-Bjorn 2551809.202 as reply to 2551809.197
To: MD-JakobTrier 14-02-2005, at 07:52
Will this in any way effect national teams looking for a stadium for a friendly match?

Not at the moment at least.

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By: HT-Bjorn 2551809.203 as reply to 2551809.198
To: Jude999 14-02-2005, at 07:53
Wondering one thing:

What happens if 2 teams book a game in my stadium before I did. Can I not play my friendly in my stadium ?

You can still play there. This limitation only affects matches on neutral ground. That is, if it is not a match to be played on neutral ground, you are not restrained by the existence of already booked matches there.

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By: HT-Bjorn 2551809.205 as reply to 2551809.205
To: All 14-02-2005, at 08:19
Also, I've now added another feature that is relevant to this thing:

On your (indeed any) arena page, you can now see upcoming matches on that arena. This is useful both for those who plan to arrange a friendly on a neutral ground, and for arena owners who are curious who are arranging matches on your own arena. :)

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This is something that have been requested by people who organize friendly cups, who can now have the final being played on neutral ground, just like the "real" cup.

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By: HT-Tjecken 7831771.44 as reply to 7831771.3
To: Everyone 23.01.2007 at 19:52
Reply to (7831762.243)

There people used to be *money-rich* so the stadium enlargement cost was increased to higher levels, that was reasonable then.

Nowadays; however, people are not that old *money-rich* and it, at least in my opinion, should be somehow arranged for real.

In addition, people used to gain much money in short time and had already built their stadium , even maximized to upper-level capacity with lower price. However, some 1-2 year HT-users cannot get any benefit from this however, old ones benefited much already!

Stadium enlargement costs are on a reasonable level compared to the income you get from sponsors, spectators etc. The different sources of income were increased a couple of times before we increased the arena enlargement costs.

But you got a point, even though I don't agree that the enlargement costs are a problem for newbies. Deciding how and when you should enlarge your arena is meant to be a very strategic decision/moment, therefore the costs must be "relevant" compared to your income. It shouldn't be too easy (and of course not too difficult either). Today I think it's on a good level, so the problem isn't really on the "newbie side" imho.

What is kind of boring though is that you get to a point where your stadium is finished, and then that strategic decision/moment isn't relevant anmyore. For example I finished my arena back in 2001 and now I don't have to think about it at all (to be honest I guess I should make it a little bit smaller, but that's another story...). And frankly, I miss it and from a gaming point of view it's not really optimal to have a strategic moment which just disappears in thin air after some time.

So, I know many users feel that new users are paying too much to enlarge their arena and that the pay-back time is too long. I respect that opinion, but I don't agree. I don't think it's unfair because older teams payed less money for their arena, they also had less income at that time. But what's sad is that the arena sooner or later become a non-issue for teams, and that's something we could look into and see if we maybe should change anything.