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From: HT-Hasse (2047484.101) as reply to (2047484.49)
To: Kaybol 16-11-2004, at 16:41
Bob Sunesson's effect on TS was never confirmed, and even denied by the HT's.

Of course it is. How team spirit works is well described in the rules.

Keywords: (Bob)
From: HT-Tjecken (?) as reply to (?)
To: ? ?
At that time Bob wasn't as famous as he is today, you can say his star was about to rise but very few ppl was aware of him being such a beloved team member. Not even the HT-team (this was before I was a member of the team) was aware of it (even it they had started to hear some rumours about his stardom).

However, I was still playing in the Swedish cup when Hasse asked me if Bob maybe could brighten up his team a little bit, until I was out of the cup. So, Hasse kind of lent him for a short while.

Short Bob-history:

Bob was "born" at a Hattrick party. He's a keeper, but in fact better winger. So one can say he was cult from the day of his birth. I and some other made up stories around Bob, he was the best player, every girl's dream and so on... Around nine months later the HT-team (before I was a member of the team) made him "beloved", and when the faces were introduced Bob got a unique face.

did Bob have solid leadership when they made him beloved? or is that a mith?