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By: HT-Johan 11718558.38 as reply to 11718558.35
To: Drittaccount 12.08.2008 10:53
btw: There are loads of CHPP not active and dead. Will you use the new design to clean it up and reopen officially the CHPP process?

CHPP is definitely going to get more attention from us. We are not using the redesign as a way to kill off inactive apps, but if that is a byproduct of the change, that is probably a good thing.

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By: HT-Johan 14075393.202 as reply to 14075393.199
To: jacek_BTL 24.06.2010 13:46
jacek_BTL wrote:
Is there any possibility that you will give us estimated date, instead of vague comments which you can always turn around so that they fit what you say afterwards? :)

Any date we give, whether we say it is an estimate or not, we will be held to. If we miss it, you will see it as if we have let you down. That is why it makes no sense for us to give any date until we know for sure when we will be able to relaunch.

The process is well underway. We are showing parts of the new interface for the current CHPPs, and we are fine tuning the new contract and application process with the CHPP admins. Both are still being developed, but they are not far off. But there are other things we need to fix before we can make any grand announcements, such as adding/fixing XML feeds and improving admin tools for the CHPP admins. It is more important that this gets done right than getting it out at a specific date.

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By: HT-Johan 14075393.204 as reply to 14075393.203
To: Ratsia 24.06.2010 15:01
I think you are comparing apples to oranges in way, since during the long wait since 2006 we didn't really have a plan to reopen CHPP until relatively recently. I don't think it would have been very corrcet to promise a reopening within "1-2 years" if it would have turned out we instead scrapped the whole scheme.

Of course the long wait itself was badly handled, we should have made up our minds either way long ago, but i still don't think we should give promises we are unsure we can live up to, especially not when it involves third-party developers and the spare time they devote to CHPP apps.

Now, it wouldn't have been such a big deal to give an estimate this time around, but we prefer to do it this way. I want to give it the time it takes to make this work for CHPP devs and CHPP admins, and it is of secondary importance what date this will be announced to the wider community.