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From Hattrick

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By: HT-Johan 11718558.109 as reply to 11718558.97
To: XaRii 12.8.2008 at 13:53
little bit offtopic but,

what about calendar ?

Good question. We are considering retiring the calendar, too. In it´s current shape and form, it is just not very useful for anyone, and to be useful it needs both a thorough redesign and better moderation tools. Besides, we see an improved calendar functionality in the future, but the glimpse in our mind of it looks nothing like the current one. Would you mind terribly if we simply closed down the calendar for now?

Keywords: (calendar)

By: HT-Tjecken 11718558.121 as reply to 11718558.116
To: HT-Johan 12.8.2008 at 14:28
WHAT calendar????

Johan, with comments like this I think we can safely remove the calendar for now and make something useful out of it. :)