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By: HT-Johan 11751861.6 as reply to 11751861.5
To: Everyone 2008-08-23 at 14:04
We will be looking to give community content more visibility on the site. In the first version of the redesign things will not be that different from how they are today, though, but it is something we have discussed and which has "a place" in the new design, where it had no really good place before.

AHP needs to be rethought. It is more or less hidden on the site today, which is why the ad it had on the front page was so important. Unfortunately, this led to the ad being quite misused, since everyone wanted the top spot all the time.

I don´t think it is fair to blame poor Cartoon United for anything, implementing that has not taken many hours in the grand scheme of things.

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By: HT-Johan 11751861.13 as reply to 11751861.7
To: Catalyst2950 23.8.2008 at 16:06
Do you plan on making HT a bit more "social"? There's a potential for some kind of a social network here.

I think a nice evolution of Supporter would be more flexibility in terms of how you connect with others - more "privacy" for those that want that, more "intimacy" for those that want that. You might want to support different users in different ways.

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By: HT-Johan 11751861.20 as reply to 11751861.19
To: Gunga_Galunga 24.8.2008 at 15:22
Hattrick Supporter already is a social network feature and it has been since 2001, before Facebook even started. I think it is a bit of an exaggeration to say that Hattrick will die because we improve an existing Supporter feature a bit.

I´m not talking about turning Hattrick into something that is primarily a social networking site. If we would plan to do something like that, I agree it would be silly to make it a paid service. The core things in Hattrick will continue to be free, just like they are today.

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By: HT-Johan 11751861.22 as reply to 11751861.21
To: Yoanad 24.8.2008 at 15:40
For many, even nowadays Hattrick operates primarily as a social network. I am here over 4 years and without the people I met here not sure I'd still be here. And I know quite a few the same as me.

Sure. It´s an important aspect of Hattrick and something we want to improve.

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By: HT-Johan 11751861.37 as reply to 11751861.36
To: Gunga_Galunga 25.8.2008 at 01:12
I am intimately aware of the needs of running a site like this, although not of this magnitude. You *NEED* to make money. But we all know that attrition is the enemy, and if you limit all new features (except the basic game-engine) to supporters-only, you are likely to end with only supporters. Which of course, doesn't allow you to gain new supporters.......

That´s right. And the fact is that we have added very little to Supporter in the past few years, and still every time we even whisper that we might add a little something for our dear Supporters this discussion jumps up, as if it is something dubious that we want to give more to our paying customers. I totally agree with you that we can´t just add stuff for the Supporters only, but I think we are very safely on the "right" side of the fence here. It´s not easy to find Supporter feature that has a good fit, but for example improving on Feds and other social networking stuff that are already in Supporter should be safe I think.