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By: HT-Johan 11839694.27 as reply to 11839694.1
To: capello75 11.9.2008 at 18:08
Hello !

i ask if i can make own t-shirts hattrick with a logo hattrick on the left side of the chest and and writing from our federation on the back of the shirt.

Can i create such t-shirts without problems by HT.

This shirts are only for privat aim, not for commercials aims.

Please give me an information about the procedure, if i can make the shirts or not. thanks

Hattrick is a protected logo so you need our permission for the print. This is usually not a problem, but it should be done just for the sake of it. If you just went ahead and printed it anyway, we would probably never know, but technically it is not allowed so please don´t do it :)