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By: HT-Tjecken 7831771.69 as reply to 7831771.1
To: Everyone 13.02.2007 at15:57
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Why don't you allow managers to have their team in any country they want to? I think it would be a lot more fun, if existing managers could change country and new managers could apply a team in any country they wish. I believe that the number of active managers in the countries would tend to redistribute and that could in addition solve many problems that occur because of the deep gab between giant countries with 10 and more leagues and tiny countries with 3 of even less leagues.

Frankly, Hattrick wouldn't be as fun as it is without the community, the community adds a lot of fun to the game. Within a series/leagues ppl talk and discuss everything from the latest and upcoming matches, transfers and training in the series conferences. Moreover ppl also talk in private, in regional and national conferences. You also read each other press announcements etc. And in our opinion, without these things around the game Hattrick wouldn't be as fun to play.

In other words, building communities has always been a very important thing for us and building a community is much easier if people speak the same language. I mean, if you don't understand each other it's not that likely that you'll start talking to each other. Point is that you got a lot of things in common with your fellow gamers if you speak the same language, comes from the same country etc - and if you got things in common it's much easier to build communites. If ppl live quite close to each other it's also more likely that ppl start to meet in real life.

So in our opinion most users will play a funnier game and get a better game experience if we make sure they play with ppl from the same country.

Secondly we also think that letting ppl sign up for whatever league they want would've lead to most ppl signing up for a league/country which is very big in real life. For exampel I think a lot of Norweigans, Swedes, Finns etc signing up in England, which would have made the English league gigantic but the others quite small. So, we would have had a few gigantic leagues and then a lot of small ones and both the community feeling and the game experience would have suffered from such a situation in our opinion.