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From: HT-Jonas (7051277.1) as reply to ()
03-10-2006, at 11:13
I've seen a couple of suggestions to remove the Golden Goal.

Fifa introduced the Golden Goal (in 1996?) because they thought that the overtime back then was more or less pointless and the opportunity of an instant-win would promote better play, more excitement (and more goals in over-times). However, in real life, it turned out that teams started to play even more defensive to avoid letting in a goal. After a couple of seasons, the rule was scrapped.

Over to Hattrick. We also have the Golden Goal, for the same reason as FIFA introduced it. It creates more excitement in the overtime. We have one advantage though, Hattrick players ignore their manager's order of playing defensively. This means that we avoid the problem altogether.

So basically, all arguments about removing the Golden Goal is based on the thought that "Hattrick should be like real life". However, in this case Hattrick is better than real life since we can avoid the obvious problem. So the Golden Goal stays in Hattrick, adding excitement and an opportunity to finish off the nasty opponent in an all-out attack.

/HT-Jonas - Lead Game Designer

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