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By: HT-Bjorn 2002523.78 as reply to 2002523.76
To: brunop 07-11-2004, at 23:36
The typical HT defense line still consists of 3 defenders. IRL it is typically 4 defenders. As long as that is the situation: No, I do not think defenders are too dominant in HT.

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By: HT-Tjecken 2193928.43 as reply to 2193928.20
To: grmbl 20-12-2004, at 18:17
This discussion has been brought up a couple of times lately, as well in the past. Lately much because of Lokomotiv Lund's matches in Allsvenskan made a very offensive tactic/strategy more known to the global public.

The outcome of these discussions are also very interesting in a way, because most ppl just claim "defence doesn't matter" like an old mantra over and over again. Which of course sooner or later will be known as the "truth". Well, is this "truth" really the truth then?

No, of course not. Defence does matter. Just as there are proof for "offence is more important than defence" there's proof for the opposite situation. Many of Lokomotivs Lund's matches have been shown as great examples of how the offensive is so much more important than defence lately, but not that many posts tells you when he lost by 10-0 or the two losses against EM Tigers, who actually won both these matches because of a strong defence.

Isn't it a problem at all then?
Well, there is a problem in a way as many teams tend to put more effort in their team's offense than their defence. Out of two reasons I guess:<be> - It's generally more fun to play in an offensive way, no matter if it's good or bad.<be> - The "truth" above, which makes team put even more effort in their team's offence.

The result of this is that more teams will have a stronger offence than defence, and when the offence becomes better than the defence overall the better part is logically the winner. This will of course encourage more teams to think that "defence" doesn't matter, which will make things even worse of course.

So the real problem is, if there is a problem, that many teams put much more effort in their offence than their defence. But that doesn't make the defence useless, because many teams show how important a good defence is. Like EM Tigers for instance.

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By: HT-Tjecken 2193928.244 as reply to 2193928.238
To: yo_anad 30-12-2004, at 11:09
Midfielders also make impact on the total defence, just like the defenders and the keeper. So, this announcement only speaks about defending.

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By: HT-Bjorn 2193928.251 as reply to 2193928.238
To: yo_anad 30-12-2004, at 12:01
The My Hattrick announcement is a bit ambiguous.

it starts with a declaration to amend something wrong between midfield-defence-keepers, but the actual amendment it states only corrects issues between defence and keepers.

Good point. However, you cannot skip your goalie, but you can skip one of your defenders and put him as a midfielder, and this is what many have done, creating the once-almighty-now-just-dominant 3-5-2, and also other common tactics like 3-4-3 with two repositions.

By improving the weight of defenders (backs) (rather than defence which includes goalies and the defensive contribution of midfielders) in the game engine, we encourage those who wish to go from a 3-back defence to a more IRL-like 4-back defence, because defenders now pay slightly more off than before.

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By: HT-Bjorn 2193928.273 as reply to 2193928.263
To: Buggle 30-12-2004, at 17:11
Ya maybe, but doesn't it logically follow from what he said.

Dude, I am not crazy enough to rely on people to only draw the logical conclusions from what I write! ;-))) Quite often it is the exact opposite, so if we had indeed wanted to change the winger (or playmaking) effect of defenders, we certainly would have specifically said so.

I should clarify my previous statement (new stuff in italics):

By improving the weight of defenders (backs) (rather than increasing the weight of defence which includes goalies and the defensive contribution of midfielders) on the defence ratings in the game engine...

My statement is now a lot more unwieldy and bureaucratic, but strictly speaking more correct. :-)

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By: HT-Tjecken 2193928.105 as reply to 2193928.103
To: roselan 22-12-2004, at 13:45
6.6 did decrease the importance of keepers in the defense. Does that mean that the exact same team (same sub-form, same everything) will get lower defense rating than pre-6.6?

Nope, au contraire.

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By: HT-Tjecken 2193928.113 as reply to 2193928.109
To: MD-JakobTrier 22-12-2004, at 15:50
So it will depend on the strength of the keeper vs the defenders, right? Some teams have a super strong keeper and weak defenders...

Ah, didn't think of that possibility really, but you're right. If you had a very good keeper and lousy defenders you might end up with worse defense ratings.

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By: HT-Tjecken 2193928.117 as reply to 2193928.115
To: Jambo 22-12-2004, at 16:18
Well, the keeper is still very important.