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By: HT-Tjecken 7831771.82 as reply to 7831771.20
To: Everyone 08.05.2005 at 17:13
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It is true that there is users who complain about high wages on the best players. My reason for it, isn't for the wages itself, but the fact that they create a certain strategy which has got a name by now; "Kamikaze", "Divine-Trick" to name a few.

My question is therefore:

Do you HT consider this to be a problem?

And if yes, have you anything in mind to solve the problem?

I think it's perfectly ok to buy players for one game and similar, still I consider the phenomenon "divine trick" to be a problem even if it's not affecting that many users. It set the competion somewhat out of play, especially in the cup.

But thing is that it's not a problem itself, it's more a result of various other problems in the game - mostly economical ones, over-supply for example - and therefore not so easily solved. I don't believe in trying to cure the symptom, one usually just end up with other problems instead. It's much better to deal with the roots to the problem, even if that may take longer time, and as mentioned yesterday in this thread (and in the latest editorial) that's just what we're trying to do with these two studies from different angles.