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From: HT-Johan (3242061.319) as reply to (3242061.176)
To: HG-bart 15.06.2005 at 19:39
A general note on "farm teams".

i think it is a perfectly valid strategy to play Hattrick, not for the sake of bringing´your entire team to the Bundesliga, but to train and perfect one player for the national team. There are and there should be many ways to play the game, lest there would be very little in the game for users in the really low leagues - not everyone can win the league.

"Farm teams" has the same restrictions as everyone else. One beauty of them is that they are more common in small, close-knit communities than in large loud ones, like Germany. It balances out the playing field for the national teams. It adds an element of cooperation to the national teams competitions.

Of course, any team that is run as a multiple team should be removed from Hattrick, farm team or not.

last., I do not wish a debate about farm teams, but since I was requested to comment in this thread I thought I might just as well give my view on the recent "farm team" debate. I think it is a grossly overstated as problems go, but at least we are aware about the debate. Let´s say we are monitoring the situation :)

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From: HT-Johan (4605137.22) as reply to (4605137.1)
To: falotron 13.12.2005 at 17:23
The important thing is that rules are applied to everyone in the same way - that´s fair. That one country uses one strategy and another doesn´t, that´s pretty much up to the individual countries and coaches and fairness has nothing to do with that. We don´t want to legislate how to play the game.

None of the above is a defense of farm teams. I´m just saying that in a game like Hattrick, which is an evolutionary process, there will from time to time be users or national teams that gain an advantage due to strategic decisions they make, and that´s fine and welcome. If we think this reveals imbalance in the game we might tweak conditions, but such changes should be and are SLOW. It´s very important that hattrick changes slowly and that the game is predictable for people that have long time plans. We owe it to everyone to not change things overnight just to please a forum minority.

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From: HT-Johan (4605137.28) as reply to (4605137.23)
To: MacAre 13.12.2005 at 17:45
I think the correct answer is that it is valid until further notice - surely including the "near future". Long term I don´t know. I guess one can say on a general level that the more advantageous a strategy is, the riskier it gets. The game always wants to return to balance, one way or the other. Sometime users find that balance themselves, inventing a new strategy that balances out the old. Sometimes it results from something we do. Ideally, such changes are reasonably "soft" so people has time to adjust to them.

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