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By: HT-Bjorn 4245352.2 as reply to 4245352.1
To: Taste1 22-10-2005, at 12:42
Also, the contribution of winger skill for all positions (wing backs and midfielders, especially wingers) except those with "Towards middle" behaviour, has been boosted somewhat. After some discussion on the Dutch questions forum, I'd like to ask your opinion on this matter. What is the contribution of IM's to wing attack at this moment? And will it be important in the future? Or does this only start to get interesting when you play an inner mid towards wing? If it were to important, then finding good trainees for pm trainers will be hell - they need pm, passing, defending, wing and preferrably already some stamina!!

Inner mids playing Toward Wing have always had a winger skill contribution. That contribution has now been increased.

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By: HT-Bjorn 4245352.8 as reply to 4245352.3
To: Mod-Wizard 22-10-2005, at 12:53
so this statemend concerns only MTW and not normal, defensive or offensive M, right?

Since only MTW has a wing contribution to boost, only that is affected yes. We certainly have not added winger skill contribution to positions that never had had any winger skill contribution.

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By: HT-Bjorn 4245352.13 as reply to 4245352.11
To: AmonRaZZ 22-10-2005, at 13:01
Except for forwards, I presume.

Exactly. :)

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By: HT-Bjorn 4244356.24 as reply to 4244356.10
To: Ratsia 22-10-2005, at 12:24

FTW contributes less to center attacks than normal forwards. The contribution from FTW to center attacks is, however, somewhat bigger than it is to the opposite side.

FTW winger skill only contributes to attack on his own wing.

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By: HT-Bjorn 4244356.29 as reply to 4244356.19
To: Ratsia 22-10-2005, at 12:31
In that case the announcement should definitely be fixed.

There will be another announcement showrtly that clarifies this issue. I could have sworn I wrote something about the reduction to center attack, but obviously I didn't. I will however wait a couple of hours or so until I have made sure that aren't other things that also need to be clarified before posting the new message.

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By: HT-Bjorn 4244356.31 as reply to 4244356.22
To: Mr_Booze 22-10-2005, at 12:33
I have allways seen it as a little unfair that you could get a reasonable wing-attack only by having two forwards with very high "Scoring".

Yes, this is one of the issues that is being addressed with this change.

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By: HT-Bjorn 4244356.33 as reply to 4244356.25
To: maorn 22-10-2005, at 12:35
What I meant is:

If you have a Forward Towards wing going towards your right wing, then his contribution to center attacks is smaller than his contribution to right wing attacks, but his contribution to center attacks is bigger than his contribution to left wing attacks.

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By: HT-Bjorn 4244356.37 as reply to 4244356.34
To: MOD-Piwiks 22-10-2005, at 12:37
Further information on the new training mentioned in the 2005-09-12 posting one will be announced when the time is right for so doing. ;)

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By: HT-Bjorn 4244356.39 as reply to 4244356.36
To: Taste1 22-10-2005, at 12:39
Will you clarify further the influence on winging skills for Inner mids? Or do we have to guess? ;)

What do you need to have clarified?

Inner mids only use winger skill (and quite little at that) when they are played Towards Wing.

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By: HT-Bjorn 4244356.45 as reply to 4244356.42
To: IrRichman 22-10-2005, at 12:51
Does the central attack rating stay the same for normal forwards?


You certainly have a valid point that the net effect of these changes will be slightly less goals overall as attacks are generally reduced, give the current composition of teams and players. There will be a period of adjustment before goal rates are back to normal.

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By: HT-Bjorn 4244356.59 as reply to 4244356.51
To: IrRichman 22-10-2005, at 13:17
I still think it's an interesting tactic, but I really would not be happy if all forwards would drop in value...

If anything, more likely the opposite: If people come to think that their team's attack power is too weak they will buy better forwards, thus making prices rise.

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By: HT-Bjorn 4244356.62 as reply to 4244356.60
To: IrRichman 22-10-2005, at 13:20
Winger skill ONLY contributes to players clearly ordered to move on the wings.

Wing-backs, Inner backs playing toward wing, wingers, IM playing towards wing and Forwards playing toward wing are the ones who can use their wing skill. I think this makes a lot of sense if you think about it. :)

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By: HT-Bjorn 4244356.69 as reply to 4244356.65
To: IrRichman 22-10-2005, at 13:34
It does, but that makes my argument for increased central attack contibution even stronger!

Even with a nice winger subskill, a normal forward will be less effective as a centre forward, if you look at the total attack ratings thus: you could only use that winger skill if you reduce CA a lot

As I said - you do have a point. :)

This is not how we have done it this time, but since your point is valid, it will be assimilated into the vast heap of valid points that affects future decisions. :)

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By: HT-Bjorn 4244356.81 as reply to 4244356.71
To: Jilkocfc 22-10-2005, at 14:57
A FTW uses his winger skill to increase wing attack, but not his scoring skill.

No, not correct.

FTW uses a lot of winger skill AND a lot of scorer skill on attacks on his flank.

For attacks in the middle and on the opposite wing, he just uses scorer skill (and less of it than he does on his own wing).

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By: HT-Bjorn 4244356.126 as reply to 4244356.123
To: jsival 23-10-2005, at 11:47
I think that is bullshit. An extra innermid plays just like a normal innermid (of course with a penalty) and not more like a defending innermid.


If this was not the case, we would have written so in the rules.

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By: HT-Bjorn 4244356.127 as reply to 4244356.125
To: Morelos 23-10-2005, at 11:48
he plays like a defensive im, what is in my opinion also logical and correct.

No he does not, the rules do not say so, and it would not be logical. The theory above is just mythology based on nothing in the rules or that we have said.