HTs on Global/Friendly cups

From Hattrick

Keywords: (Friendly cup tool)

By: HT-Hasse 2190245.5 as reply to 2190245.1
To: ricouryves 15-12-2004 at 20:22
Hattrick used to have a system similar to that but it did not work since a lot of organizers did not take the full responsibility to manage their cups properly. Starting cups was obviously more fun than actually taking care of them. It is highly unlikely to come back in any form.

Keywords: (Friendly cup tool)

By: HT-Hasse 2190245.9 as reply to 2190245.6
To: MonsieurBon 15-12-2004 at 20:50
Because it creates more trouble than it adds to the game.

That people do not play friendlies or do not use all supporter features does not hut anyone else than themselves. When someone starts a cup and then abandons it hurts others and creates extra work for our GMs.

It was removed for a reason and will most likely never return