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By: HT-Tjecken 7831771.51 as reply to 7831771.31
To: Everyone 26.01.2007 at 05:34
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Why are verry often at saturday the servers down or they are working realy bad. And it seems to be that the support isnt so good at the weekend.

That makes a lot of peoble sad because there are the leaguegames in switzerland and germany, to of the bigest countries in HT.

You actually answer your own question more or less. Two of the biggest countries in Hattrick play their matches on Saturday afternoons, which mean a lot of users are online at the same time as the game engine should play a lot of matches. The first round of the cup on Tuesdays and Wednesdays are also evenings when we peak in the number of online users, which basically means the servers get a lot to do except just playing matches.

As you might understand it's unfortunately during those hours "small" software and hardware problems, which normally isn't a problem at all, can turn into a biiig problem. But of course, we're dong everything we can to avoid problems like this and I hope, and think, we'll see a lot less of those in the future. The site is after all working a lot better nowadays then in the past.