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By: HT-Aartspam 11844110.15 as reply to 11844110.9
To: Karl-Heinz-Spock 12.9.2008 at 18:22
Great. Then I might think about it. ;)

Any more info about the job and the rules?

Basically you review the submitted articles from users. Depending on several criteria you approve or disapprove articles. One of the criteria will be that the article must be interesting for a greater part of the community to read. So not only for the managers in your series.

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To: hildanknight 12.9.2008 at 18:23
I enjoy writing and am interested in writing for Hattrick Press (in Singapore). Must writers apply or do only editors need to apply?

You do not need to be an editor in order to be able to write articles. So no need to apply if you only want to write articles.

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By: HT-Aartspam 11844110.17 as reply to 11844110.14
To: Mod-autobahn2 12.9.2008 at 18:26
In what language will the articles be published? Will the articles be posted in the country's language only (meaning an article from a Finnish user will only be published in Finnish)? If that's the case, will HT Press be a global thing or a "newspaper" for every language area?

You can write articles in your own language and those will be published in your country. If you would like to write for an global audience, you must write your articles in English. And of course these articles should be interesting for the global community and not only for your country.

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By: HT-Aartspam 11844110.20 as reply to 11844110.18
To: Mod-autobahn2 12.9.2008 at 18:36
The basic task of an editor is to decide if articles get published or not, isn't it? Writing articles isn't a must for editors?

That is a correct assumption.

And another question: Will there be one Editor per country or a few for bigger countries?

We hope that we at least can cover all languages and have 2 editors for each language.

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By: HT-Aartspam 11844110.70 as reply to 11844110.51
To: kikso 15.9.2008 at 16:18
When is the deadline for the applications and when should we expect a reply from decidion makers?

We haven't set a deadline, simply because we didn't know how many applications to expect. We want to keep open the possibility for people to apply until we have all languages covered one way or another.

We have already started reviewing the applications, so most people that applied will receive a message in the next few days.

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By: HT-Aartspam 11844110.80 as reply to 11844110.79
To: SkyfireX 22.9.2008 at 17:09
Could I ask how do I subscribe to the editor conference?

That is not possible until the rights have been activated, which I will take care of later this week. As soon as that has happened, you will find that conference among your recommended conferences.

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By: HT-Aartspam 11844110.84 as reply to 11844110.83
To: jolbe_ 22.9.2008 at 18:25
Hey, only one question:)

In Slovenia only 2 users(me and former LA) wrote an apllication, but we are now waiting for response for eleven days now. Is this normal, or is sth wrong?

Everyone will receive a reply. If you haven't received a message, then that means that you are still in the running of becoming an editor.

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By: HT-Aartspam 11844110.91 as reply to 11844110.90
To: tobinov 24.9.2008 at 16:12
Any updates? I am assuming the USA editor applications are still being reviewed.

Will there be a formal announcement when all editors have been picked?

The majority of the candidates have received an answer already. Those who haven't are still being reviewed as we speak. But hopefully we can finish that this week.

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By: HT-Aartspam 11844110.107 as reply to 11844110.104
To: Catalyst2950 1.10.2008 at 13:24
I've browsed around Hattrick Press, and I must say that it's all very bad in its current version, unfortunately. Layout and usability are absolutely horrible.

Can we get a fast sneak-peek at the new HP design? There isn't much point in commenting on this monstrosity (or using it) if it's going to be improved in the future. If it isn't going to be improved, then I have to ask what was the point in making this thing in the first place.

It will be improved in the new design.

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By: HT-Aartspam 11844110.108 as reply to 11844110.105
To: Minerveca 1.10.2008 at 13:25
Does an editor need to be at least 18? Like every other staffer in HT?

It is not a requirement for an editor to be 18 at least.

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By: HT-Aartspam 11844110.110 as reply to 11844110.106
To: Asthfghl 1.10.2008 at 13:27
Another question. Does an editor have to be from the country where he's editing? I applied for a foreign country and i was rejected without any explanation, and my suspicion is that it happened because i'm not from the country where i applied... I need some clarification on this.

It is not required, but usually someone who lives in the country is also familiar with the local language, which is very important to be able to judge these articles.

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By: HT-Aartspam 11844110.112 as reply to 11844110.111
To: hallenberg 1.10.2008 at 13:38
I'm renewing question:

What about Polish HT-Editors? I can see that Hattrick Press started at Saturday and the majority of countries have its own editors, but still in Poland there is no editors. When Polish candidates can expect any response about decision (including me)?

On it's way. ;)