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From: HT-Johan (7831771.20) as reply to (7831771.18)
To: HT-Johan 11.01.2007 at 01:31
Reply to (7831762.24)

You are always trying to develop supporter package. I am really curious if there is any future development about number of supporter slots or free slots opening per season (I want to support more teams)

Also what is the bottom limit of time to look our match events' statistics? Because I always get the alert that I have not been playing HT for long enough to see these statistics.

Last year we added the feature that the Supporter slots multiply over time - so that's already taken care of. If you are a Supporter, you'll get a new slot each season since you probably have met new friends that you would like to support (but you never want to kick out old buddies). I think that takes care of this "urge".

I'm not sure about how long the match stats takes - I guess you simply need to wait patiently a while longer to accumulate meaningful stats.

Keywords: (Hattrick Supporter), (Future Development)
From: HT-Johan (11751861.37) as reply to (11751861.36)
To: Gunga_Galunga 08.25.2007 at 01:12
I am intimately aware of the needs of running a site like this, although not of this magnitude. You *NEED* to make money. But we all know that attrition is the enemy, and if you limit all new features (except the basic game-engine) to supporters-only, you are likely to end with only supporters. Which of course, doesn't allow you to gain new supporters.......

That´s right. And the fact is that we have added very little to Supporter in the past few years, and still every time we even whisper that we might add a little something for our dear Supporters this discussion jumps up, as if it is something dubious that we want to give more to our paying customers. I totally agree with you that we can´t just add stuff for the Supporters only, but I think we are very safely on the "right" side of the fence here. It´s not easy to find Supporter feature that has a good fit, but for example improving on Feds and other social networking stuff that are already in Supporter should be safe I think.

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From: HT-Tjecken (12659351.1) as reply to (0)
To: Everyone 17.03.2009 at 11:45
As you can see on editorial space, a new big update of our Supporter package is out. There are goodies for all Supporters I think, but the flag feature is perhaps the new Head to Head match preview.

What's really feels best with this release is to give something (ok, a lot :)) back to all you Supporters who make Hattrick tick. We've heavily improved the site last year, with new hardware and a complete rewrite of all web code etc - and those improvements are quite visible nowadays. The site is (always) running, it's stable and trustful. No delays, no timeouts etc - and that's perhaps what makes this release extra good. Not only do we give you some really nice features, the game as whole is also running better than ever. So, thanks and have fun with these new features. :)

If you got any questions etc, I'll be here all day long. :)

(I'll open a new topic about match kit sharing, Paul has prepared a nice little guide for you)

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From: HT-Tjecken (12659351.52) as reply to (12659351.50)
To: Lasarus 17.03.2009 at 14:20
What happened to "supporters don't get in-game advantage"-policy? Head to head-page is exactly kind of thing that gives us supporters advantage

It includes no information which can't be fetched in another way, so it's not an in-game advantage as such. It provides a good overview over the two teams (and I also think it sets you in a good pre-match mood, but that might be just me) and it saves clicks/time, exactly like other supporter features do. But it doesn't give any in-game advantage in our opinion.

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From: HT-Tjecken (12659351.304) as reply to (12659351.229)
To: Ratsia 20.03.2009 at 16:39
Do you think not giving in-game advantage should be the only decision criterion on whether something should be supporter-only or a general feature? Probably not.

I remember an earlier discussion where one of the HTs said that core interface features should also always be for all, not just for supporters, and I naturally agree.

I don't think not giving the in-game advantage should be the only criteria, and it's not either. There are three ground criteria which define the Supporter features (also spelled out on the About Supporter page:

- It enriches your Hattrick experience

- It does not give you any in-game advantage

- It makes your Hattrick life more pleasurable and comfortable

The second one is perhaps the easiest one to judge wether a feature is suitable for Supporter or not (and I must also say it's the key criteria), the other two are perhaps somewhat harder. As you say, we believe that core functionality should be available for everyone (naturally) but Supporter stuff can be added on top of that (the friendly pool is a good example). I guess it bottles down to what you consider being core features and not, but when discussing that one also has to think about how much storage (and similar) we should save for each user. In our opinion it's fair if Supporters get more "storage space", and it also goes well with the above criteria. One can say it's our intention not to make it any harder (or hard at all) for our non-paying customers, but try to find solutions to make it more comfortable for those who pay. This means all customers get the same basic information, but Supporters get "built-in storage space" and non-Supporters have to find other solutions on their own.

About the Head to head-feature (which started this discussion) it's a very good feature, but not a core feature. This is a feature where we've really tried to gather useful match information from different pages and present it at the same place, giving you a good overview and saving clicks. We haven't made the interface any worse for non-supporters, the situation remain the same. This is also a feature which is quite demanding for the servers, what I above refered to as "storage space". It might seem quite easy just to put these things on the same page, but it's quite demanding for the server. That's also the main reason for the tabs being pages of their own. It's simply too much to load everything at once, and it's also a limiting factor when it comes to how much (and what) we can add to this feature.

To summarize, Supporter is made for many different reasons. You can personalize your club with it (own content), it should give both more pleasure and comfort (but not add any in-game advantages) and it's also a way to contribute to Hattrick's future development. This doesn't mean we should develop bad interfaces for non-paying customers and provide the "proper" interface for Supporters, that's an awkward idea no matter how you look at it. Moreover, it doesn't mean we shouldn't make things better for non-Supporters and I don't think one should forget that we've done a huge lot of interface improvements for everyone (challenge pool is a brilliant example). But it's in the Supporter idea to make things already within the game more comfortable, like your own shortcuts, transfer profiles and head to head - and add things on top of a feature (like the mentioned challenge pool).

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From: HT-Tjecken (12705456.40) as reply to (12705456.32)
To: oleh_deneb 30-03-2009 at 13:29
But giving at least ONE extra slot for each YEAR person have a supporter looks logical – as I play longer i see more interesting federations i would like to participate and 5 slots is surely too low number. You do similar with other-team-support slots why not with Feds?

We know having more federations is on the wish-list. I hope it will be included...

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From: HT-Tjecken (12705456.197) as reply to (12705456.50)
To: Drei10 31.03.2009 at 20:40
Drei10 wrote:

I'd like to suggest again something I already suggested some time ago but nobody reacted:

If you're talking about a more expensive supporter package - what would you say if we could buy certain supporter 'sets'? Like for example buying federations, details for the team (dress, logo, ...), shortcuts or somehow like that. This sets would proportionally be more expensive than the entire package.

We did investigate the whole packaging (if we were to have different sizes of the Supporter package) two years back. The conclusion was that we would lose money, while not to mention the difficulty to find packages which suits all of our customers. Perhaps the time will come some day when such a package will actually makes sense, but I hardly think that time is now. Supporter is still, even after the price increase, relatively cheap (around 0.08 € a day), even though we naturally understand that it's cheaper for some ppl than for others (depending on where you live etc).

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From: HT-Tjecken (12705456.210) as reply to (12705456.95)
To: ggangus 31.03.2009 at 21:33
It's impossible to make an educative guess really (and I don't have all the figures), sorry. But truth is that our income hasn't changed that much the last couple of years (number of Supporters have been rather constant and the price has been the same). The costs, however, have increased a lot during this time (much more personel, more hardware etc). Naturally, this increase will mean our income will increase - but we already have (and have had for quite some time now) costs which we need to cover, and as mentioned we're aiming to expand our crew which further will increase our costs.

Naturally, as we expand etc it also comes with an obligation to improve the game further. Otherwise people will naturally not accept the situation and we're out of business. Last time we increased the price we promised to improve the site in order to make it stable and reliable, something we did fulfill. As we now want to grow bigger, it naturally also comes with an obligation with better quality of service (but this time perhaps not the uptime and reliability, but on other areas - and why not the match engine?).