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By: HT-Bjorn 1779268.68 as reply to 1779268.40
To: jarlrasm 28-09-2004 at 13:00
I think they've messed those countries up a bit..

No we haven't. People please stop assuming we are stupid just because you don't understand our reasoing in various issues...! ;) That goes, by the way, for most cases when you think other people are stupid. Most usually "those other people" are not stupid - more often they just have access to different (usually better) information than you.

No one (to my knowledge) has requested that we add Kazakhstan, but there is a nice group of dedicated Kazhaks who have submitted their offer in helping out creating and promoting that league. Now, we cannot be sure of that, but we know for certain that "potential" is not the most important factor when determining which countries grow fast. Just look at China - 1.2 billion people, most of which are crazy about football, crazy about games and yet hardly no HT users. There are many reasons why it isn't bigger. Lack of "prophets" and lack of translation being the two foremost. Now, we're not considering any Kazakh translation yet ;) but at least the other factor (existing users who have expressed a willingness to promote it locally) looks better than for Kazakhstan.