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By: HT-Tjecken 11838895.1 as reply to ?
To: Everyone 11.9.2008 at 10:18
Unfortunately we have to release some disappointing news today, which you can see on MyHT space now. As mentioned in the message we hate to do this, but releasing something which we don't think is 100% right feels utterly wrong. And we don't want to rush something new through...I think you agree in that. That said, I know you will not like these news that much. :(

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By: HT-Tjecken 11838895.5 as reply to 11838895.3
To: King-Mento 11.9.2008 at 10:22
What about indirect free kicks?

Still on.

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By: HT-Tjecken 11838895.16 as reply to 11838895.8
To: Karl-Heinz-Spock 11.9.2008 at 10:38
Can you tell what exactly is wrong with the way it was planned till now, and what direction you are heading now?

It's hard to say when it's more of a gut feeling, but I'll give it a try. We like the initial idea with how you have to convert the right chance, but in a way it kind of differs too much from the rest of the tactics. This makes it look complicated (even if it just looks far more complicated than what it really is), and that's not very much Hattrick. Moreover, it's also hard to spot the "downside" of this tactics, and we also think that can be a problem when users want to understand this tactic.

So, what we're aiming at is making it work a bit more like the other tactics, ie a design which is a little bit more simple.

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By: HT-Tjecken 11838895.19 as reply to 11838895.10
To: TomStar81 11.9.2008 at 10:42
Can you already give a guess when there will be a long shot tactic? Like in two seasons, in three or a "test" in friendlies already in the middle of next season?

I will not make any promise, but I hope it will be ready sooner than two-three seasons. And I think it will. After all, there are teams who have started to build their teams for long shots etc and we have an obligation to them that they haven't done that all in vain. So, it's safe to say that it will be a prioritized feature.

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By: HT-Tjecken 11838895.23 as reply to 11838895.20
To: Karl-Heinz-Spock 11.9.2008 at 10:48
And about the design of the tactic: I allways thought it should be somehow parallel to AiM and AoW, convert a percentage of chances, affect defence. Is that a direction you think of?

Yep we do, that's one possible direction for us.

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By: HT-Tjecken 11838895.34 as reply to 11838895.27
To: Karl-Heinz-Spock 11.9.2008 at 10:58
What are the other possible directions?

One could also think of kind of the CA conversion, which means there is no guarantee that a chance will be converted. (No extra chances are likely to be created, just to spell that out). There is also a defending team (as we got a defending sp rating to use), and that might also affect the conversion no matter which type of design you choose (making it not just up to the attacking team in that case).

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By: HT-Tjecken 11838895.42 as reply to 11838895.33
To: macao 11.9.2008 at 11:08
after all this mess don't you feel that the Long shot tactic even in the modified way you're thinking of, should become the immediate priority and introduced by next season anyway?

It is top priority for us, but we just don't want to make up a promise even though we think we will be ready within a season or so. First of all, we have to find a new design for long shots which we are satisfied with and which we're convinced will be a great addition to the game. And as we haven't done that yet (even if we got good hopes to find one), we feel it would be even more disrespectful to promise something which we frankly don't know if we will be able to live up to. I think it's already safe to say that we've failed to live up to some promises, and one lesson we have to learn from that is also that you can't promise on things which actually aren't ready yet. Especially not things which haven't left the drawing board yet, where long shots now are back on. This doesn't mean we don't hope or think it will be ready within a season or so, but we can't promise you that.

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By: HT-Tjecken 11838895.57 as reply to 11838895.55
To: papadoc 11.9.2008 at 11:52
This question interests me too. If I understood well, this was related to indirect free-kick reform, so it should change as announced. Is so, GK skill on free-kicks will integrate SP ability.

Yes. In short, all other "SP reforms" except long shots are still on.

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By: HT-Tjecken 11838895.69 as reply to 11838895.66
To: avelache 11.9.2008 at 13:19
Above you write that you've learned your lesson. Does this mean that from now on new features will be communicated in a later stadium?

Yes. In our aim to inform you as early as possible I think we took a bit too far. We will from now on inform when the feature is ready for (test)launch, and not when the feature has left the drawing board for implementation.

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By: HT-Tjecken 12395984.9 as reply to 12395984.8
To: --Steven-- 13.1.2009 at 12:07
Penalty on both attack as well as midfield? Isn't this a little bit too much? Or is this penalty so small for both regions? (compared to the penalty one would get using one of the other tactics?)

It's smaller (per team part) compared to the other tactics.

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By: HT-Tjecken 12395984.10 as reply to 12395984.7
To: zubizaretta 13.1.2009 at 12:09
Confusing. How does "scoring is 3 times more important then sp" fit "A bit of both skills is needed, and it's better to have some of both skills than much of one." ?

Scoring three times more important is only for the tactical rating.

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By: flameron 12395984.500 as reply to ?
To: Everyone 03.2.2009 at 12:13
I'll respond here with the risk of being hammered.

I read here complaints about the tactic being too weak or broken. While there is a risk that the tactic will be too weak so it will not be used never, there is the risk it will be too powerful. In addition there is a wish in any new feature not to overnight change the balance in the game by making certain teams much stronger or weaker.

Long Shot tactic allows one team to completely bypass the other team defense with the exception of the keeper which should be equipped with set pieces which is still low on average on most keepers. If it would have been made too strong, teams with good defense but low set pieces on their keepers would have been suddenly exposed to long shot teams.

Long shot tactic is something you need to build your team to. The effort is not that huge as you try to picture it but it is something much easier to do if you train your players then buy them as at least currently players on the transfer market that fit the needed skills are quite rare. In addition this tactic is not expected to be used at any occasion. It is designed to be used in specific games.

Keeper is not compared to shooter, so even good shooter can miss against no keeper / weak keeper. Like in real life, the shot needs to be on target first and only then the keeper can stop it (or not). The shooter skills define if the shot is on target.

After saying all that, it can always be that the tactic was made too weak. It will take some time to figure out if this is the case though. To help on that you need to find some teams with good long shot tactic and semi fit players and analyze their results. You can help on that by bringing here examples.