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By: HT-Tjecken 12659372.1 as reply to ?
To: Everyone 17.3.2009 at 11:49
These are Paul's words, I'm sure he will join in here after getting some (well earned) sleep. He had a hard day's night (mostly night) yesterday. :)

In addition to a number of new features in the kit designer, which should aid your ability to be creative, we have introduced a new sharing system for your work.

Kit Sharing and You.

The application is split into 2 pages.

The first page is the sharing search page (/Community/KitSearch/). This is an overview of all the shared designs in the hattrick world, where you can browse and import kits at your leisure.

The second page is your personal admin page (/Club/Kits/Team.aspx). This page is also open for everyone to see e.g. link=[/Club/Kits/Team.aspx?TeamID=999097], but obviously only the owner has the admin tools. It shows all your shared designs and all your private kits, so users can see what you've been up to over the years.

Rating and Stars:

You can vote for whichever design you like (expanded view needed), up or down. You are allowed to click the thumbs as many times as you wish, but - only your last vote counts. If you've voted for a design and change your mind, go ahead. The total number of votes won't change, only the rating will.

Stars for a design will only be shown once a design has been voted on 5 times.

Sharing Designs:

Designs can exported as open files or with protected with a password. In addition, the author can add edit protection to passworded designs, so that the receiving user can't modify or export the work as their own.

When exporting a design you can also choose a category for your work and add an optional description to make searching for your masterpiece easier on the rest of the community.

Sharing Allowance:

Each user has a basic allowance of 5 slots to share designs. To make things more community based, we've decided that you can only upload a passworded design if the number of your passworded designs is not greater than the number of your open designs.


- I have 2 open designs, and 2 passworded. The system will allow me to upload either an open or protected design. - I have 1 open design and 2 passworded. I can only upload another protected design after adding another open design to my collection.

Extra sharing slots:

This is the system of rules we chose to use.

Each user will be allocated an extra sharing slot after a period of time. If your average rating is 4*, then that period will be one week after you uploaded your last shared design. If you have less than 4* average, you will have to wait 2 weeks. You can keep adding slots forever at this rate. There will be no limitation - well, not at the moment.

Slots aren't stackable, so your extra slot will remain as your only extra slot until you fill it with a design. After the normal period of 1 - 2 weeks after sharing, you will be given another slot to use.

If you delete your latest shared design, you can fill that slot it with a replacement. If, however, you delete an older design, you lose a slot ( unless you have less than 5 filled, then the basic 5 slot rule applies ).

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By: HT-Oxidus 12659372.9 as reply to 12659372.8
To: thetycoon 17.3.2009 at 14:34
thetycoon wrote:

I'm very bad at this Kit Designer, so I was very happy when I saw this function. A manager has made superb kits for Oman NT and I wanted to upload them but I can only upload the kit in my club team. Is this a bug or a feature? Why when you introduce something you never think of its application in NT/U-20???

Is the export function greyed out for NT kits or does it just not work ? It's supposed to work for NT teams.

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By: HT-Josef 12659372.50 as reply to 12659372.49
To: JPBraga 18.3.2009 at 00:30
JPBraga wrote:

The kit design was already great but this was a great update. Congratulation on your work.

One thing regarding the "search by description". It seems to be working only if the word you use to search is at the beggining of the description.

For instance, if some kit is shared with the following description "Adidas Germany Shirt", a search using 'Germany' as the key word wont give me any result (it will appear only in a search for "Adidas").

Correct, it's a performance issue forcing us to limit it that way. We could also limit the search to entire words, but it usually yields worse results (i.e. "fla" would give 0 hits whereas "flag" would give a million).

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By: HT-Josef 12659372.56 as reply to 12659372.51
To: erobique 18.3.2009 at 11:08
it´s a very senseless performance issue

I don't know about that, there are three types of searches I can think of:

  1. Wildcard in both ends. The best search and a complete disaster for performance since it won't be using any index. Searching for "la" will give hits on "flag" for instance.
  2. Wildcard in the right end (could probably do in the left one as well). Searching for "fla" will give hits on "flag" and "flagchasers" for instance, but searching for "lag" won't.
  3. Entire words. Searching for "fla" or "la" will give no hits at all, but searching for "flag" will give all hits where "flag" is a single word, it won't match "flagchasers" though.

Wildcard = %

We currently have 2, would you rather have 3?

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By: HT-Josef 12659372. as reply to 12659372.
To: Karl-Heinz-Spock 18.3.2009 at 11:16
What about 3 as a default, but with the possibility for users to add * as a wildcard themselves?

You can't use them together I'm afraid.

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By: HT-Josef 12659372.60 as reply to 12659372.59
To: JPBraga 18.3.2009 at 11:56
JPBraga wrote:

Why not use some 'keywords' (3 per kit)?

A place where you would put some word that easily identify the equipment and that would be used to search instead of the discription.

Well with alternative 3 you could put keywords in the description box, if you rather like me to change to that.

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By: HT-Josef 12659372.64 as reply to 12659372.62
To: erobique 18.3.2009 at 12:42
It's not about how MANY results, it's about the filtering.

Records to search:

  • Afdg
  • BdHelldf
  • Cfdgfdg
  • Ddfgdfg
  • Edfgfdg
  • Fdfgdfg
  • Gdfddf
  • Hello

'Hell%' can use an index since it knows it begins on "Hell", it skips right down to H and picks Hello. Efficient.

'%Hell%' can't use the index, it has to search through Afdg, BdHelldf, Cfdgfdg, Ddfgdfg, Edfgfdg, Fdfgdfg, Gdfddf and Hello to find Hello (Since even if the other strings don't begin with Hell, Hell could be a subset of the string, like with bfHelldf). No matter how you use the search it will be many times heavier on performance.

In this case, where you have the paging, it doesn't matter so much if you get 1 result or 1000 results, it's still pretty much as heavy a query performance wise.

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By: HT-Josef 12659372.65 as reply to 12659372.63
To: BOT-Pirao 18.3.2009 at 12:43
BOT-Pirao wrote:

There's a question being asked a lot, what exactly is the order criteria when sorting by rating and having the same stars?

Rating can be above 5 too, so those with the very best rating should come first. When they are displayed they are translated into stars, where a rating equal to or larger than 5 yields 5 stars etc.

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By: HT-Josef 12659372.67 as reply to 12659372.66
To: BOT-Pirao 18.3.2009 at 12:48
BOT-Pirao wrote:

But what about ties? Say 2 kits get both 100% "mesa likey" votes, how would they be sorted? by total number of votes? by date? by kitid?

I haven't specified that, so it would probably be random. But you can get a rating of 9.42 for instance, it's not very likely that a lot of kits have exactly 9.42 as rating, and if they did, it wouldn't matter much which order they were sorted in, no?

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By: HT-Josef 12659372.71 as reply to 12659372.68
To: forego 18.3.2009 at 13:07
forego wrote:

How can I change the dress of my youth team?

I see that my last youth opponent has one and I can´t find out how he did it.

It shouldn't be possible, it's a bug :P

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By: HT-Josef 12659372.72 as reply to 12659372.69
To: erobique 18.3.2009 at 13:10
ok, good point. so the question now is what says google analytics about how often the searchengine is used

Google Analytics wouldn't know how often it's used, only how often the page is accessed (you could access it once and search 10 times for instance). I do know that there has been roughly 20,000 federation searches in the past month though, since I record that data for the search cloud.

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By: HT-Josef 12659372.75 as reply to 12659372.73
To: forego 18.3.2009 at 13:11
forego wrote:
HT-Josef wrote:
forego wrote:
How can I change the dress of my youth team?
I see that my last youth opponent has one and I can´t find out how he did it.

It shouldn't be possible, it's a bug :P

It´s a pity!

Maybe in the future :)

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By: HT-Josef 12659372.77 as reply to 12659372.76
To: erobique 18.3.2009 at 13:19
but maybe it is balanced as the absolute number of searches will decrease because finding will be easier than before.

Maybe searches would decrease by 5%, but the load would increase a tenfold (an educated guess). I don't know if it would motivate the increased load, but if the search is horribly bad I suppose someone should look into it. Personally I don't have time though, I'm busy enough with federations and forums :)

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By: HT-Josef 12659372.113 as reply to 12659372.104
To: mawhitta 22.3.2009 at 15:42
mawhitta wrote:

Not sure if someone has said this or if your aware, but regarding the community based idea where you need to have the same number of open designs as the amount locked, will that not encourage crap designs to be posted up as an open design in order to free a slot to upload a locked one?

Just a thought as i personally would like to upload more lock kits , but not at the cost of sharing any of my hard work, therefore it looks as though my only way around this would be opening basic/crap designs clogging the system unnecessarily....

Sharing unlocked crappy kits will yield a lower average rating on your kits, which in turn will yield less upload slots. It would be counterproductive.

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By: HT-Josef 12659372. as reply to 12659372.
To: Mati_ 22.3.2009 at 15:44
Mati_ wrote:

I have several problems with kit designer. Someone has some answers about this?

  1. There is a limit of kits that can be shared with password?
  2. Why sometimes (when you save a kit) option that allows you to save&share the kit with password appears and sometimes that option not appears?

Initially you can share 3 passworded kits and 2 public kits, then you'll get a new slot every week if you have a good rating (>= 4) and every two weeks if you have less than that. You can have one more passworded kit than the amount of public kits. Furthermore you can't stack kit slots (i.e. waiting 10 weeks yields 1 slot, for instance).

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By: HT-Josef 12659372.118 as reply to 12659372.117
To: Karl-Heinz-Spock 22.3.2009 at 16:37
Karl-Heinz-Spock wrote:

Well, yes. Don't get me wrong, I have no "copyright"-type-of-feeling here, it is just wasting space on the search-results if there are dozens of 007, Deco, Maradona and Borat-shirts. One of a kind would be enough. However, if I wanted to share a number passworded shirts with some fed-members, I would have to upload some highly rated Borat, since I can't (or don't want to) design a highly rated shirt myself.

Yes, it's a good point.

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By: HT-Josef 12659372.145 as reply to 12659372.144
To: Mod-Hekko 28.3.2009 at 19:32
What would happen if I deleted the kits? Would they disappear from the old match reports (I wouldn't like that very much)?

Kits that have been in use at some point will be hidden in the system, but they will still appear in the match reports.