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By: HT-Tjecken 14447411.36 as reply to 14447411.20
To: Darth_JP 02-11-2010 at 10:54
I´d say that is not only a matter of crying babies. Also shows the lack of improvement of graphic design of the game, IMHO if you want to recapture gamers, you have to add some details, as for example: Match Viewer in 2D.

Such details have been exposed on many times by other users, but until now remained unanswered.

We know it's a common wish from some of our users to add a 2D match viewer, especially from younger users and users that are pretty new to the game (we know this from surveys). We've answered on this wish before, but it doesn't hurt to give you our point of view once again:

Hattrick is a game proudly based on text. This is a design choice really, we like telling our stories in words instead of visual elements. That said, we like graphics as well and when we redesigned the site we also added more graphical elements. But in our belief the graphical elements should be a complement to the words, and not the other way round.

Now, this belief of ours doesn't rule out a 2D/3D match viewer as such, and we also know many users would also applaude adding such a feature. But (and there is just not one "but"), it's just not to make one - it has to be really, really good as well. As elvisj points out in his post as well, there are examples (most?) of match viewers which look good at first sight but becomes a total bore after watching a few matches. So, if we should add one it has to one that really is interesting to watch week after week, and given our simulation of football is pretty basic after all - it's a combo which is freaking tough to pull off.

Also, making a match viewer of that kind isn't exactly a walk in the park, it requires a lot of effort plus that we don't have the necessary skills to create it in-house. And while it would probably be easier to attract new users to the game if it included a match viewer, it would probably not have a large positive impact on users who've played for a while. And it could also lead to negative impact, simply because we could be seen as trying to be something which we are really not.

Because lets face it, we are not the flashiest game out there and we don't pretend to be either. If you want to play a game with fantastic graphical environments and effects, Hattrick is simply not your game.

We should be what we are in my opinion, but become much better at it (because we can be much better at it!). That doesn't rule out more graphical elements, absolutely not, but they should not be in the center of the game experience.