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From Hattrick

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By: HT-Bjorn (2002523.107) as reply to (2002523.101)
To: gixxgp 08-11-2004, at 14:05
This is a kick in the ass to all strategy that there is before the match. What is the point of preparing your match, basing yourself on your team ratings and your opponent's one, when you will have proof of your superiority or your inferiority only when you could read the match report?

Of course you will not have proof that you chose the right tactic until after the match, when you know what tactic your opponent chose, and how the tactic that you chose worked out against that which your opponent chose.

To answer your question: The point of preparring your match is to give yourself as good a chance as possible. To do so you use your knowledge of your own team, along with guesses about how your opponent's team will look and what tactic they will use. This is in no way different in HT from IRL.

Keywords: (Match report)

By: HT-Bjorn (2002523.108) as reply to (2002523.105)
To: Rupii_ZPF 08-11-2004, at 14:11
Match report is the only data available for us. If it doesn't say everything 'bout our team's quality then what does? Our imagination? ;P

Who says match report doesn't say everything??? I didn't say that. I said the ratings doesn't say everything. The match report has further information to add. Some information is only known to the manager of your opponent. That is how it is supposed to be. It is also how it is IRL