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By: HT-Johan 11658019.25 as reply to 11658019.19
To: arda_marred 27.7.2008 at 17:56
but you see, the middle-earth was of old marred, and so ordinary mortals cannot go there

The HT's, being the seven sons of Feanor who ran away from Mandos are still able to do so.

Seriously, it is a test league where new features are implemented. Because the HT's mistakenly believe in a Soviet-style culture of secrecy all the new features are being kept secret, which is why we are not supposed to know about the Middle-Earth league.

There are no secret test leagues for staff in Hattrick, sorry to shatter your illusions.

Rumour has it that the creators of the game once, in a misty long-forgotten past, had a hidden league for purposes of game testing... like many historical occurrences before it, this piece of information may have slipped into the wonderfully exciting realm of mythology, giving it disproportionate importance and relevance.

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By: HT-Johan 11658019.28 as reply to 11658019.27
To: thetycoon 27.7.2008 at 18:03
I don't believe you at all as I have seen it :P

But can you trust your eyes?

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By: HT-Johan 11658019.31 as reply to 11658019.30
To: thetycoon 27.7.2008 at 18:07
Definitely :D

And are you sure your imagination are not too lively? :)

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By: HT-Johan 11658019.34 as reply to 11658019.33
To: Montgomery_Burns 27.7.2008 at 18:22
Well, I´d be quite astonished, if you had no hidden leagues for purposes of game testing. And if you really don´t have some, I´d strongly suggest to launch such a system. ;-)

We do have a test environment, but we (no longer) use parallell but hidden leagues that run alongside the regular leagues

EDIT: But that said, it may be that there are remains of such leagues around, but that they are not used for anything anymore...

until a new age dawns, of course

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By: HT-Johan 11658019.37 as reply to 11658019.36
To: SicKboY 27.7.2008 at 18:39
it's not a secret anymore. Youth academy (i mean, youth match engine) used to be the middle earth, isn't? The place to test features/ fixes.

No, no - youth academies were developed in the modern age, no trolls or little hobbitses were harmed in the process.