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By: HT-Bjorn 2246244.20 as reply to 2246244.1
To: All 27-12-2004, at 22:57
It is very simple. The National Teams provide two huge benefits to the game:

1. It is fun. Most people think it is fun. Of course there are people who do not think it is fun. Everything is like that. Some people don't use the conferences. That is not an argument for removing the conferences. Some people (bizarre as it may sound) don't even think Hattrick is fun. That is not a reason for removing Hattrick. (Yes, I know your main argument against NTs wasn't that you didn't think it was fun - but still: The fact that a lot of users enjoy the NTs is a strong argument for keeping it).

2. It provides interesting challenges and depth and complexity to the game. That alone is such a huge benefit to the game that it leaves most other argument insufficient. The NTs are not unfair: Every team in the game can afford to have, for instance, a Saudi Arabia potential U-20 player on the squad. Not having a NT player on your squad is a deliberate decision you've done. It may be wise or it may be unwise, or it may not matter, but at the end of the day it is your own choice. The amount of possible choices, even if non-obvious at first sight, sums up to the depth of this (and any) game. I want Hattrick to have more depth, not less. Hence we will certainly not remove depth-adding features just because some people have chosen not to use them (in fact, by choosing not to use them, they have benefited from the depth anyway).

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By: HT-Bjorn 2246244.26 as reply to 2246244.24
To: stevetrash 27-12-2004, at 23:32
Bjorn, can you verify what was said above about experience... it doesn't matter once you get above excellent?

That’s actually the thing that bothers me the most about the NTs.

We always avoid "hard caps", so strictly speaking it keeps mattering, but somewhere around excellent, the effect per additional XP level gets rather small (increasingly small the further beyond your get). Divine contributes SLIGHTLY more than say extra-terrestrial. but very very little.

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By: HT-Bjorn 2246244.72 as reply to 2246244.71
To: HomaridII 01-01-2005, at 23:17
It is painfully obvious that many of the changes made during the past couple of seasons would be far less complicated to implement were national teams not around.

And? They are clearly already made, so what is the problem with them having been complicated to implement? Also, being the one who has implemented them, I frankly don't see what you mean about them having been far more complicated because of the NTs.

It is also obvious to many people playing that national teams directly effect how most smart managers manage their club teams,

Yes, as I stated in my earlier posting, this is exactly the point, and very deliberate. As I previously stated, the presence of the national teams means there are more factors to take into consideration for the club manager. From my perspective as game designer, this is very healthy for the depth of the game, and depth is necessary for the game.

which shouldn't be the case in a game intended to be about club teams.

Yes it should.

It saddens me a lot to see that firm claims that "Hattrick should not be... this and that..." is so much more common than "Hattrick could be..." in the conferences nowadays.

Visit the team of many of the top clubs in HT and you will undoubtedly find more than 1 national team player to cut wages and for experience. This is not a coincidence.

Exactly, and it proves my point: NTs add to the depth. Depth provides challenges, especially for the more experienced users (those who have come to grips with the challenges that newbie’s face).

I would ask you now: "Were National Teams not already part of Hattrick, would you implement them now

That is one of the easiest questions I have ever had to answer: You bet I would. The National Teams are one of the best additions in the last few years. I just wish we had been able to do more such improvements.

or would you rather try to incorporate some kind of club champions league or international club cup to the game

The prioritizing between which of those two to implement first was right, yes, National teams was (and would still have been) a way much better thing to implement first, out of those two things.

Not to mention that a large part of the problems Ht's GMs have to deal with. or at least the biggest and more controversial problems that GMs have to deal with are always regarding national teams.

Sorry, but I must disagree again. That is simply not true. Except perhaps, regarding the "most controversial" part of your statement. That it being so proves that many people care and are interested in the national teams.

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By: HT-Tjecken 7831771.33 as reply to 7831771.32
To: Everyone 16.01.2007, at 16:44
Reply to (7831762.824)

With regard to a training cap, and high wages at the highest levels of player skill, you said that this provided additional choice and options to the managers. I agree with you in principle, but what is the HT position with regard to the National Teams? The presence of ultra-expensive divine+++ players has created an NT system where the only way to train an NT player is to ruin your team. I know you would like to say that this is a valid way of playing the game, but please, think about it. This isn't a valid way of playing the game, it's a valid way of quitting the game. Maybe the HT team should spend some time thinking about how to keep NT's for players who wish to continue playing?

I'll better take the "last chapter" on the wages while I'm at it, and this question serves my intention.

As you say, the National Team system is a bit contraproductive to the soft wage cap system. Shortly put, NTs benefit from using very highly skilled players, players any normal team can't afford. But as NTs don't have to pay any wages etc the soft cap system doesn't step in and deal with this. Unfortunately this means that there is an incentive to train players several levels above the level where normal teams would've stopped, which then creates some problems in the game like farm teams and the so called divine trick.

This means that we got two different types of "the best players in the world", for NTs it's the "most skilled players" and for any normal team the best player is "the most skilled player still affordable". It would be nice if we just had one type of "best player".

We've been discussing doing something with the NT system (and the elections), and the issue is still up for discussion. On the other hand we don't think these issues are big problems, they do affect only a small minority of users. It's not like we ignore these problems, but there are other, more important, things to improve/fix in our eyes at the moment.

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By: HT-Tjecken 7831771.89 as reply to 7831771.20
To: Everyone 25.05.2007, at 15:38
Reply to (8995830.16)

Short version:
Can we pretty-pretty-please, with sugar godis on top, have separate shirt numbers for National Teams?

It's not that it's impossible to have separate numbers, but it's not exactly a walk in the park to add such a feature. I'll not rule it out for the future, I do like the role playing part of the game as you say, but it's not top priority for us. But if/when decide to do an overhaul of the national teams this might be a fine new feature to include.