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Keywords: (Passing), (Playmaking), (Scoring)

By: HT-Tjecken 3348749.31 as reply to 3348749.24
To: evenlamername 15-06-2005, at 13:12
Try to see it this way:

Playmaking is the ability to make use of your possession and turn it into an attack (a chance to score). In order to score on that chance you need a player who can pass a decisive pass (passing skill in Hattrick) to the scorer. Sometimes you might succeed even if you don't have a good passer, the ball might bounce your way and end up in front a fantastic scorer - but you'll be more succesful if you have both good passers and fantastic scorers.

Making passing affect the attack rating makes sense, often in irl football teams have great chances to score but the final passes are so lousy that the chance disappears. You'll still count such chance as a good chance to score even if it wasn't even close to score.