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By: HT-Tjecken 7831771.81 as reply to 7831771.1
To: Everyone 08.05.2007 15:46
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I'm pointing at two tactical options: Play Creatively and Pressing. Does the match engine provide the special events, in the first case, and the lost chances, in the second case, evenly? Or does the one who uses this kind of tactics has more special event chances and the one who uses pressing is more likely to lose fewer chances than his opponent? (considering two identical teams)

It doesn't matter who chooses to play these tactical options, chances are spread evenly anyway. When you play creatively, you got the same chance as your opponent to get a SE (so you better have good SE players) and when you play pressing you risk to lose just as many chances as your opponent.

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To: HT-Tjecken 31.08.2007 15:07
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It is said that a counterattack could be an extra event that is not an SE. Is this correct and is the play creatively order affecting the teams chances to get this extra counterattack?

Counterattacks can happen even if you don't use the counterattack tactic. It's an extra event, but not a special event (SE).

As the tactic play creatively increases the chances for SEs to happen, it doesn't affect these counterattack events as they're not SEs.

After Editorial "New Framework for Specialties & Special Events" of May 9th, 2017:

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GK doesn't count on Play Creatively. We don't have any plans to include him, but we can think about it on the next iterations we will do to evaluate the SE changes.

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By: HT-Tasos 17101495.533 as reply to 17101495.493
To: macao 13-12-2017 11:31
A high tactic level can double your chances to get the event instead of your opponent.

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About Creative Play, another example is that a tactic level of 15 will increase your chances by almost 60%.

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The calculation of the PC level reported in the match report is based on the 11 players that start the game. But the calculation of the level of the tactic is live during the match, like for other tactics.

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Playing creatively affects three things.

1) How easy we will trigger any special event

2) How many special events we will have on the match

3) Which team will get an event (if it is an individual special event. So not any effect for corners here.)

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The way we implemented the Play Creatively tactic was like that. You need to have the right lineup compared to your opponent to see improvements. Actually, the home team in the linked match increased his chances to get a special event by ~10p.p. However, if your opponent is far, far better on a special event, he can take advantage of the increased number of special events in the match.

Let's say that I have 2 quick players from the 8 available positions that can trigger an event. But my opponent has 6 from the 8. Playing creatively will not help. And if your opponent is specialized in other events too, then probably this will backfire on me.

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The original version of event 335 (Tactic type: Play Creatively) that LAs translate from has been edited today with the addition of the tactic level. If you don't see it in your language, please contact your LAs.

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There are 3 places that Play Creatively affects the results:

1) The maximum number of special events. If one team uses PC, max increased by 1. If both teams use PC, then max increased by 2.

2) The part that we decide if we will have a special event and/or something else. Let's say for simplicity that this is 10% (random number for example). If a team chose the PC as a tactic, this number will be higher. Much higher if both teams play creatively.

3) When we decide which team will get the special event. The team that plays creatively has bigger chances to get it compared to the case without it. I said it a couple of times, that if you opt for PC and your opponent has a more specialized lineup, the effect can easily backfire due to 1) and 2).