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Keywords: (Player Speciality), (Corner Kick)
From: HT-Tjecken (7831771.61) as reply to (7831771.1)
To: Everyone 06.02.2007 at 10:44
Reply to (7831762.705)

I have a question about corner-kicks. The rules simply state that the more 'head'-specialist you field the likelihood of bagging goals on corners rises. As the rules are quite clear on the issue I value SP-monsters with 'head' more than anything else. However, despite the clarity of the rules most managers seem to think that certain players are not taken into account (e.g. SP-taker and Goalie) when chances of bagging a corner are calculated. They seem to think the GE is so very complicated that every unlikely IRL event is neutralized by the GE.

Should we read the rules as they are written? Or are certain players excluded from the calculation?

The goalie and the set-pieces taker in the attacking team are indeed excluded from "head"-counting when it comes to corners, as they for obvious reasons can't be in the penalty area at that time.

The rules are a little bit vague regarding this point, so I'll have a look at them right away.

Keywords: (Player Speciality), (Regainer)
From: HT-Tjecken (7831771.66) as reply to (7831771.43)
To: Everyone 08.02.2007 at 17:38
Reply to (7831762.71)

Explain us what the regainer specialty is about.

For those of you who didn't follow the regainer threads I think I better mention that the community has found out what they do:

Regainers are players who regain health a little bit faster than others. For more info: (7963000.878)

Keywords: (Player Speciality)
From: HT-Tjecken (7831771.119) as reply to (7831771.1)
To: Everyone 15.10.2007 at 17:13
Reply to (8995830.976)

some seasons you announced the appearance of new specialities. was the "regainer" all we can expect, or will there be something more in the nearer future..?

I will definately not rule out that more specialities will be introduced in the game in the future. Right now there are no such plans though.

Keywords: (Player Speciality)
From: HT-Tjecken (7831771.153) as reply to (7831771.1)
To: Everyone 23.12.2007 at 13:40
Reply to (10070922.499)

Are you considering of indtroducing some new specialities for players,but not like regainer

Not now at least. I will not rule out coming additions of new specialities (be it unique or normal ones), but we've in fact have had much more discussion about adding a bonus to a certain speciality if they play on a certain position - like the trequartista (def fw, where technical players get a bonus on their passing). No final decisions have been made though, and pretty much is happening in the game development as it is right now too.