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By: HT-Tjecken 7831771.22 as reply to 7831771.20
To: Everyone 11.01.2007, at 17:48
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I'm just wondering about the economy in ht. what is the long term goal of it as you see it ? Because as is right now , training isn't very productive because you buy expensive and beyond , let's say, extraterestrial , you'll sell very cheap because of the wages. So... are you planning to use this to limit the old teams, instead of reseting every thing and so that it would be a fair competition ?

I sense two questions here, or at least it will be two answers. About the long term goal of the economy first: it is to have a stable background economy where the amount of money per team should be slowly increasing. This to make sure that there always should be room to further development for the general team.

About the wages, yes they do set a barrier for how good a team can get. This is, as you're more or less are saying, to lower the importance of how long you've played the game. If every team would be able to pay the wages for divine players, then team age would be the most important thing and newer teams would never ever be able to catch up and compete with older teams. In the end, that would be a boring game...

So, the wages look like they do for a reason. They're there to make Hattrick a game where team age isn't the most important thing in the long run. The wages also put a soft cap, instead of a hard cap, on team development. So there are not really an "ideal" team (the perfect team you could have got without breaking the hard cap), instead manager skill determine how good you are building the perfect team. Wages set the barrier depending on how much money you make, so it's up to you as a manager to get as much as possible for the money you got. There lies your real challenge.

A lof of users sometimes complain about the high wages etc, but what they forget is that it's the users who are in control over the wages as you produce and choose the kind of players you want.

Keywords: (Economy), (Player Wages)

By: HT-Tjecken 7831771.30 as reply to 7831771.20
To: Everyone 15.01.2007, at 17:11
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In real life a very good player likes to play in the top division and have to be paid a lot to accept playing in a lower one. Thus wages are naturally a function of the division a player plays in (the lower division the higher the wage).

What do you Hts think about implementing this in hattrick?

This is on the same topic as my last answer, so I'll take this right away.

I think something like this would be a bad thing to implement in Hattrick as team age would be made too important, newer teams wouldn't stand a chance to catch up. Moreover, it would also make it more difficult to promote as the teams in the higher division can afford better players.

That said, you are able to make more money in a higher division in Hattrick as it is today, but then you need to perform too. However, in order to let newer teams catch up we can't let top divisions (where there are mostly older teams) have such benefits - then they would always be superior as they would be able to make more money than teams in lower divisions and also pay lower salaries.