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By: HT-Tjecken 12435114.24 as reply to 12435114.15
To: murko 02.02.2009 16:48
murko wrote:

persan wrote:
That mail is the reson HT are growing fast now, +965.000 and all leagues are growing faster than in years! Are we finaly going to break the magic 1 milion?!

Personally I think that the new 'invite a friend'-feature had have more inpact than emails sent out to make old coaches come back.
A feature that makes your friend actually join your own league was a brilliant move by HT!

Personally I think the best thing is really that these two things have a brilliant cooperation. :)

In the long run the invite feature will have a bigger impact than this mail campaign, but the the pretty fast growth right now is mostly thanks to the mail campaign. All the mails (around 1,2 million in total) have now been sent and until now it has resulted in around 35.000 signups (not all of them have gotten a team yet though). To that we can probably add an unknown number of signups from this campaign which we can't track (signed up using another email).

Of these signups around 2000 have used the invite feature so far...

We will get more signups from this campaign (not another 35000 though) and problably some more of them will use the invite feature. So, so far it's been a quite good campaign, even though we'll have to wait seven weeks or so to be able to fully evaluate this campaign as some will naturally quit. While on that topic, the leave rate is actually also a little bit lower so far in the new design (compared to what it was in old design) so it also has an impact (but a quite small one) on the figures right now.